Ava has known Luke for as long as she can remember, he's always been there.
She thinks she knows everything there is to know about him, but she knows nothing at all.
There is something she can never know about Luke, but will it be revealed when a mysterious boy comes into their lives and Ava is danger?

(Includes Calum as well)


3. glazed eyes and disco lights

With a little help from Megan, I decide on a grey varsity style bodycon dress with long navy sleeves. Casual but not to casual.

I straighten my hair and apply a minimal amount of makeup - mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow tint and bronzer.

A knock on the door means it's time to go.

"Hey" I smile as Luke leans against the doorframe. He is wearing a white t shirt with a leather jacket and black skinny jeans that emphasise the length of his legs.

"You look pretty," he blushes slightly as he smiles.

"So do you" I giggle. His smile widens and he shakes his head. we begin to walk to oscars - who lives only around the corner.

"What's up!" Oscar shouts as he opens the door holding a bottle of beer in his hand.

The house is already pretty busy, people hanging around holding red cups or dancing in the living room.

Music blasts from an amp placed on the kitchen table and the glow of disco lights escapes into the hallway.

I spot Megan on the dancefloor and go to join her.

"Ava!" She exclaims when she sees me, shortly before smuggling me in a tight hug.

"Whoa are you drunk already?" I smile.

"No of course not I'm just having fun!" She shouts over the loud music.

"right" I smile. She takes my hands in hers and begins waving them around.

"Ava loosen up, have a drink, find a boy" she says as she dances with her eyes closed.

I laugh "I'm okay" as I start dancing too.

Megan is wearing a black bodycon dress that's quite a lot shorter than mine and her makeup is pretty full on.

"Dance Ava!" She shouts.

"I am I am!" I laugh as we dance together.

Luke laughs as he watches us jump around like idiots, a red cup in his hand.


The aggressive dancing has tired me out and so I head to the drinks table.

I don't really like alcohol but that's all there is.

I grab a beer and go to find Luke.

He is in the hallway with Isabel and grace who are laughing annoyingly happily and loud.

Luke just sips his beer and looks around. I don't think he is enjoying their company.

His eyes meet mine and he says something to the the girls before walking my way.

"God get me away from them" he says, pulling me into the living room.

I laugh.

"They won't leave me alone and it's so annoying" he says looking over his shoulder to check they aren't following us.

"It's cause your irresistible"

I joke as I run my fingers rough his hair.

He laughs and pulls my hand away.


I stand with Luke - who is leaning casually against a wall - and we have been talking for the past half an hour.

"Remember when you fell down the stairs in front of that girl!" I laugh in conversation.

"Thanks for reminding me" he smiles into his cup.

He looks around the room.

"If you're bored you can go find someone else, you know I don't mind" I say.

"No no it's not that" he reassures me, his arms wrapping around my waist in a hug.

I hug him back, his lips resting in the crook of my neck.

His long fingers seem to wrap easily around the length of my waist and his kisses the side of my jaw and cheeks gently.

"Ooh what was that for?" I smile.

"I don't like the way that guy is looking at you" he explains.

I smile at his protectiveness.

He pulls away slightly so I can see him but his hands still rest on my hips and mine on his neck.

"You're too pretty, you're irresistible"

I smile at his remark and he smiles back.

I look over my shoulder and see a pissed off looking Calum sipping his drink.

He notices me looking and walks off into the kitchen.

I turn back to Luke.

"You hate that guy don't you?" I ask Luke.

"I don't hate him, I just think he's trouble" he answers.

I smile.


I'm such a lightweight.

2 shots of Gin, one beer and I'm already tipsy.

I'm not completely drunk as I can process conversation, the music and where I'm going. I think.

Megan is making out with Josh, not a surprise - they have been flirting for months.

I have no idea where Luke is. I should probably find him.

The kitchen counters seem to sway slightly, as if I'm on a boat.

It feels nice, relaxing.

My feet shuffle towards the hallway but trip slightly.

I fall against someone but am steadied by two firm hands.

"Whoa we need to stop bumping into each other, literally" Calum smiles.

I smile.

"You look nice" he says looking at my dress.

"Nice? Is that it?" I protest, drunk.

"Ok ok you look hot, but you're drunk" he says raising his eyebrows.

"Maybe" I laugh. Why am I laughing?

"Hey, that guy you were with earlier, is he your boyfriend?" He asks.

Why is he asking about Luke?

"He might be" I answer.

He bites his lip. He's so hot. Stop Ava.

"Ah that's a shame" he smirks before walking off.


But oh my god does he like me? Nobody ever fancies me.

"Ava!" I hear Luke's voice say as I see him towering over everyone else.

He so tall.

"Hey we should get going soon, you can stay at mine" he explains as he stops in front of me.

"Okay" I reply.

He knows I'm drunk.

"You're such a lightweight" he smiles thoughtfully before draping his arm over my shoulders.

I fold mine around the back of his waist to steady my wonky walking.

The air is cold against my bare legs as we head outside. Luke also lives around the corner but I'm staying at his because my parents are asleep.

We act as if each others parents are are own parents, so we kind of have 2 mums and 2 dads since we have all known each other so long. 12 years actually.

Luke says nothing as we walk, just helps me pull his leather jacket over my dress.

The hallway light is on when we approach his house; Luke slides his keys In the door and we take our shoes off.

His hand slides in mine to help guide me up the stairs to his bedroom.

"Whoa not yet" Luke smiles as he pulls me up as I lie down to go to sleep on his bed.

In his other hand is a folded nirvana sweater and a pair of grey boxers.

I groan sleepily.

"You are so lazy" he laughs quietly.

Luke seeing me in my underwear is not a big deal as we have seen each other in underwear many a time; and so he pulls my dress over my head gently.

His soft hands pull the sweater on slowly and help slide the boxers up my legs.

"Ok now you can go to sleep" he says as he hold the duvet up for me to crawl underneath.

I'm in between sleep when I feel Luke's lip ring press against my forehead gently.

He sighs and climbs into bed next to me.

That's all I remember before I fall asleep.

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