His Home

Seventeen year old Lucy Weston and her family have just moved from new York and into a new house in George Town, A huge mansion out in the woods that has been there since 1838. Lucy is a normal teenager with a normal life besides moving all the time, It doesn't at all faze her so much considering her lack of friends unlike her sister Cathy Weston who has a long list of friends and boyfriends her spoiled preppy personality get's her anything she want's but not this time, Despite her sister's selfishness Lucy and Cathy are really close sisters.Lucy starts to get strange dangerous vibes in the house at the same time she notice Cathy's begins to have strange behaviors, Staying out late and coming back with a mysterious tattoo on her back a blood red rose with initials "MR" Having one too many arguments with her parents and coming home with strange behaviors,It's up to Lucy to find out what's happening to Cathy,Lucy begins her investigation but as she does she meet's a strange alluring guy.


2. Chapter 2 Strange messages

    After breakfast I decide to go outside and walk around. My hair’s dancing in the wind; I can smell the lavender too. It’s a quiet day no neighbors means there’s no commotion. I walk over towards the badge colored swing chair out by the tall tree. I collapse on the swinging chair out on the patio in the yard. I’m bored. The moving truck is still late and most of my entertainments in there. So are my science books so really I can just do nothing at the moment. I feel a sudden vibration in the back pocket of my pants. I reach inside my pocket to grab my phone. I got a notification? It’s probably a games notification I stuff the blue touch screen back in my pocket. It vibrates again I ignore it and rock the swinging chair back and forth some more Again the vibrating noise rings out annoying me. “Urgh! Seriously what is it?” I type the pass code in fast and I peer at the bright white screen where the message icon suddenly lights up. “A message I don’t have friends so who?” I tap the message icon to see who it’s from an “unknown number” It says.


 “Keep your eye out” It say’s…


    “Keep my eye out?” For what? And who sent this? A prank message but nobody even knows me yet we just moved here yesterday and on top of that out in the woods so who would know? Again that same flashback played in my head from yesterday and the one from earlier today. I don’t get it. What’s going on? And with that shadow especially. A door slam’s hard and snaps me back to reality. I turn my glance over at the front door it’s Cathy and she’s running? I instantly jump up to meet her She stops as soon as I grab her fragile arm.


 “What Lucy?” She asks. “I’ve got to go so let go!” She struggles to break free of my grip.


  “Calm down Cathy. I was just going to ask why the hurry?”


“I’ve got to go meet some friends so let go already!” She screams out this time. Her eyes pierce into mine deep and serious. My eyes widen and I let go.



    Cathy swiftly takes off down the gate and now she is out of sight. Friends already where did Cathy already make friends it’s summer and we have no school so how? Besides that my mind is filled of Cathy’s strange behavior, like choosing the fourth story end room and suddenly screaming out at me. I mean I’m used to Cathy and her attitudes, tantrums but that just now was that even Cathy? Her eyes looked so serious her voice sounded deep and scary. I peer down at my hand the hand I used to grab Cathy’s arm its cold.


  “Lucy!” Dad’s voice calls out.


I turn around. “Yeah”


   “You’re mom’s going to be out for a while. Do you mind grocery shopping? I’d do it but I’ve got an appointment to attend”


    Grocery shopping isn’t exactly my forte but if it’s to help out I’ll do it. I smile convincingly “Yeah sure I was headed out anyways to look around. Do you have any special requests?” He lifts a hand to his chin stroking his blonde faded beard. “How about a bag of Dorito’s for me” He says. He smiles. I nod in answering. I grab the card and car keys from dad then I head out down towards the gate ready to shop.



     I park the car near the curb I get out of the car and start to look around because I can’t drive around in such a small town. I’m walking down the town’s street, it’s cold and quiet there’s hardly a soul out maybe five or six people at the most. I look around for the small vivid food shop I saw when coming up the road I can only see apartment buildings and tall house that all stand in a line side by side on each street I think to myself “why couldn’t we have gotten a house out here?” But I already know. A rush of ice cold air brushes my cheek sending chills down my back and causing me to shiver I pull my brown unbuttoned jacket closer to me I look up, the sky is grey and cloudy it’s about to rain and the fog is starting to appear in thick little whiteness like clouds. I didn’t know it was going to rain. I can hear my footsteps loud only mine and nobody else’s it’s probably because they are a little way’s down from me. I look both ways before crossing the deserted road. My phone suddenly vibrates It causes me to jolt and I stop in the middle of the street like an idiot just to check, I reassure myself as I take the phone out of my back pocket Instead of a games notification there’s another message.


   “A message it’s from that unknown number again?” I mutter.



       I tap the screens message icon and as soon as I do a hard impact to the shoulder causes me to lose my footing. I and my phone drop onto the hard concrete street, my eyes widen in shock “That’s the second time I’ve dropped my phone today!” I scream out the person who bumped into me is going to get it for sure I feel nothing but raging fury at the moment. I scowl my eyebrows as I look up. It’s a tall and surprisingly handsome boy around my age walking away. I like to look at pretty boys as much as the next girl but I’m not going to let his looks get to me he hasn’t even said sorry yet! That alone can make a girl mad and if not it’s this one for sure.


   “Ok I’m used to being the bigger person here and just walking away but not saying sorry at least is crossing the line buddy!”


   He narrows his snow white blonde head barely down at me. I’m still sitting on the road like an idiot I do not pick myself up. His eyes are crimson red with a ring of black. He has such beautiful dangerous eyes they must be contacts? “I didn’t see you there” His low voice croaks out then his eyes avert from mine.


   That makes me mad. How could he not have seen me or even say sorry? I mean the road is deserted! So how did he miss me?

     “Are you blind or something? I mean I was the only one in the road” I shoot back at him childishly. I remind myself of Cathy as I shoot childish and winy words back at the tall handsome boy trying to win this stupid little argument(Arguments not really the word though) Great I sound just like Cathy right now this really isn’t me at all is it? He doesn’t say anything more and just continues to walk away in a rude manner. I sigh in relief now I don’t have to act so stupid or childish not that I even had to a minute ago but I did. I glance down at my phone I turn it over scanning it for cracks or damage but it is safe and still it looks brand new. I unlock my screen to check the message from the unknown number.


  “It’s getting late hurry the markets not too far” It says.


     My eyes widen. I bolt up with supersonic speed as I do I look around. Someone’s watching me! Is there someone really they can’t be right? My eyes swim around more I feel sweat trickle down my forehead onto my small sharp nose. This reminds me of the TV shows and movies the criminal ones where a small pretty blonde would stand outside in the middle of a desolate place with her stalker watching her every move waiting for the right time to… A noise breaks out I gasp and I shriek shutting my eyes as tight as I can. Nothing happens. I open an eye scanning my surrounding only seeing fog and startling myself when only it’s a middle aged woman struggling to drag out a big brown board to the dumpster. I catch my breath and place a hand on my chest to calm myself and I head over towards her. Reaching down and grabbing the tall heavy board that feels like a bolder I help her lift it into the dumpster. She looks to me with kind eyes.


 “Thank you dear that’s awful kind of you” She says in such a soft voice. “How can I repay you’re kindness? What’s your name miss?”


    “It’s Lucy Weston. OH no, It’s really no big deal you just looked like you needed some help Miss so no need for payment”


“I’m Marry Morel. No it was kind to help a stranger. I can tell you are a good person indeed you have such kind and caring eyes child”


    “Really I don’t really look at my eyes all that much” If she would have saw how I acted towards the tall blonde guy would she still think that? Probably not


  “Well you certainly need to they are beautiful. Are you headed somewhere?”


    “Ah yeah actually I need to go to the food store but I’m kind of lost could you possibly tell me where it is or point it out?”


  She lifts a skinny arm up and points down a street “It’s down the street from here not too far you’ll see the welcome sign just up ahead. Is there anything else?”


“No. Thank you for pointing it out. A nervous laugh comes out of me. “Maybe I’ll see you around you know shopping and all that’s kind of my job now so I’ll see you Miss Morel”


  “Yes I hope so I’ll see you dear” She waves a hand bye as do I



      I head down the cold misty street just as Miss Morel has pointed out. The walk is short and just up ahead the small food store’s lit up and I can see the welcome sigh. Rushing over towards the store I feel lite drops of liquid hit my forehead then my hands its sprinkling drops of rain. I get inside only grazed by the small drops of water. It’s quiet and just as it is out there, there’s no people swarming the food store inside either its completely empty except for the stores employee working up front behind the counter. It’s a young adult a women with ginger long hair is all I can see her head is narrowed staring down at some magazine on the counter top. Her hazel eyes suddenly lock with mine and I immediately avert my eyes from hers looking around as If I’m now looking for something. I pick up a small hand shop basket and I walk down a small isle where the pasta noodles are at. One thing that’s on the list is pasta noodle’s and marinate sauce dad will cook a small fast put together diner with only few ingredients and as children me and Cathy would always chow it down. Mom cooks occasionally too but only breakfast or lunch she leaves dinner up to dad. I walk down another isle picking up spices and paper plates the moving trucks still not here so we need to eat off something and our fine china’s not going to roll it’s self all the way down to George Town.   


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