His Home

Seventeen year old Lucy Weston and her family have just moved from new York and into a new house in George Town, A huge mansion out in the woods that has been there since 1838. Lucy is a normal teenager with a normal life besides moving all the time, It doesn't at all faze her so much considering her lack of friends unlike her sister Cathy Weston who has a long list of friends and boyfriends her spoiled preppy personality get's her anything she want's but not this time, Despite her sister's selfishness Lucy and Cathy are really close sisters.Lucy starts to get strange dangerous vibes in the house at the same time she notice Cathy's begins to have strange behaviors, Staying out late and coming back with a mysterious tattoo on her back a blood red rose with initials "MR" Having one too many arguments with her parents and coming home with strange behaviors,It's up to Lucy to find out what's happening to Cathy,Lucy begins her investigation but as she does she meet's a strange alluring guy.


1. Chapter 1 The House



     “How could you say that? “I ask.

"How could I say that? Did you really ask me that?" She says crossing her arms and raising a flawless brow.


 "Are you kidding me? Who Wouldn’t?" I protest.


     I step closer towards her and snatch my cell phone    

 Back right from her hand like lightning, "You don’t have a right to say anything! Ever since we moved here Cathy you’ve been acting strange and that tattoo it’s strange too! 

   “Strange?" She asks me. She stares at me with despite and hatred with her frightening green eyes. I bite my lip and I raise my hand against her I’m tempted to hit her but I stand there for a minute then hesitate and slowly lower my hand this isn’t Cathy who is it? 

   “Do you hate me that much? Why must you do nothing but awful and spiteful things to me now?" I ask her." We got along so well before moving into this house!”

    Isn’t it clear? She asks me. She walks over towards the window on the left side of the attic then she slightly touches the glass gently and gracefully with her skinny finger tips. "You know Lucy?" she says slowly." you know very well" she now chuckles." I’ve always been this way deep down remember? “She asks me, she’s screeching the window glass with her long nails now; it feels as if my ears are being torn apart I’m not exaggerating either. 

   “You took everything away from me Lucy!" She's screaming now, This time's she’s lost all her calm and her graceful voice. Her rage takes over, she slams her fist through the attic window I shut my eyes tight, the sound of shattering glass is all I can hear and then in a blink of an eye Cathy’s bloody fist with a shard of glass is pointed directly towards my throat. 


       My parent’s, sister and I have just moved recently from new York city and into a new house in George Town, Yes from new York to George Town how it ended up that way it just so happens dad’s a sucker for old mansion’s and this mansion just so happens to be out in the woods. I know what you’re thinking that has to be really creepy but actually to me it looks nice on the outside, The garden is beautiful green healthy grass, the red and purple flowers are already blooming the area smells of nature and the air around us is so fresh not bad honestly for a mansion out in the woods. The inside isn’t so bad either it looks really nice but a little old fashioned if you ask me “So how is it

Ladies?” dad looks back at us giving us a questionable look.


We stand silent completely. I glance at mom then to Cathy waiting to see who will speak first but it’s still too silent, I can tell mom is a little against the idea of too much space, she’s like that, No use in having too much space if you weren’t going to use it or need it. I have to break the awkward silence because I hate silence just as much as I hate awkward moments. I clear my throat. It’s not so bad dad you did really well this time I say fidgeting with my fingers I glance at the grey fireplace that stood in front of the long old gray couch. "Good?" Cathy questions.


Oh god here it comes Cathy’s tantrum attack. She steps down the small staircase that lead straight to the living room. I narrow my head and look to the floor trying to avoid Cathy as much as I can I mean I already know what she is going to say. She’s been against moving to George Town the whole time I mean from New York and to a small town that’s definitely not working for her a city girl. 

“What’s so good about moving to such a small place anyways? New York was so much better! I had friends back at home I hate it here I told you I would!" Cathy’s green eyes pierce straight down into mothers. 


"Cathy.... I know-“okay! “I say abruptly. Cathy may I speak with you upstairs for a sec I smile my voice is stern I start tugging onto her long skinny arm. "What Lucy?" I pull her to the stairs and guide Cathy into one of the empty master bedrooms to have a talk with her I’m not going to be long that I know. Lucy! Cathy yells she slams her foot down the echo of her five inch heels is loud and I hear it too well. "Okay Cathy Please listen okay?” She rolls her eyes.


 “Okay I’m listening “She is but not sincerely.


“You know dad, He really likes old mansions and this one happens to be really old like eighteen thirty eight old” I say.


“So? What about me? I hate old stuff I like new and trendy you know that Lucy “She crosses her arms.


  Ugh this girl! I swear it’s so hard to get her to cooperate I would probably have more luck with a brat throwing a tantrum than her. The only reason why she act’s as she does is because she’s spoiled yep you’re typical pretty flawless blonde teenage girl. Mom will do anything to keep her happy even if she is to sell her own soul but me? No since I’m the eldest (Only one year apart really) mom thinks I can handle my own responsibilities I don’t argue though I do take credit I did grow up very responsibly. Okay I know Cathy I say trying to stop the volcano from erupting. 


“I know you hate this but think about daddy for a minute this is his dream you know that he’s always working for our sake's and he’s finally found a really old mansion to live in”  


She drops her hateful look and puts on a look of reasoning. Despite Cathy’s spoiled stubbornness she still has a heart and she loves our parent’s she sometimes says thing’s she doesn’t mean but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a hateful person it just means she let it slip and she made a mistake. 


“Fine” Cathy say’s uncrossing an arm to brush back a blonde curl. 


Well this is now settled time to find my room after I bring my bags up. “See look I knew you would listen” I say then, smile at her. 


“Shut up Lucy…” I give her a squeeze then we both head down the long corridor then back downstairs to help unpacking. I watch Cathy pass me by she walks over to mom by the front door and she helps mom carry fragile porcelains in, I smile watching the both of them work together. Dad walks over towards me smiling.


“I don’t know how you do it Lucy

         It Lucy but is sure is amazing “He places a hand on my skinny thin shoulder.


  “And you think I know? I chuckle. I just know Cathy”


   “Oh and you’re saying I don’t? That I don’t know my own daughter?” He gives me a playful smile.


“Hmm who knows maybe you know maybe you don’t she is trendy after all" He laughs. I smile bright then laugh beside him.


   I remember now I have to go get my bags I ask dad for the keys he hands them over then i walk away. I walk over to the front door passing mom and Cathy the I walk outside I head over to our red convertible . I unlock the back left side door and grab my gray and white bag from the car seat. I have my clothes and laptop in this bag my other stuff is in the moving truck that should arrive around this evening but I keep the essential’s with me just in case. I close the car door and see birds fly above the mansion windows as I watch I see something. 


I look closely at the middle window I squint my eyes and I can see a shadow a tall man’s figure. Did dad go all the way up to the fourth story? Why would he do that when we don’t need to? We will probably most likely only use the three stories what use would we have for the fourth? Someone call’s out to me “Lucy! Come help your mom and sis with these boxes. That was dad just now wasn’t it? I glance back up at the window and the shadows gone! What was that my imagination? Crazy I’m probably just super tired from all the packing and the long trip I hate to do this to them but I really need sleep if I’m hallucinating.


I run back over to the front door with my bag out of energy. I wonder if dad will be okay with me sleeping instead of unpacking but it’s reasonable I’ve done most of the work packing anyways I should be able to take a break right? “Hey dad I’m really tired is it okay for me to find my room and then sleep?” He looks at me raising a brow and then sighs.


“You know Lucy if I let you do that Cathy will want to stop unpacking too and we won’t have any help” He scratches the back of his head.


 “I know but I really need the sleep and I promise you I’ll help first thing I wake up please” I give dad my famous puppy dog eyes he cannot resist.


He sighs again. “How bad is it?”


“I’m hallucinating dad”


  “Alright then go on get some sleep if you really need it I’ll see you when you wake up and the moving truck should be here around seven so we will have your bed and everything else okay” I hug dad and then smile I take off up the golden bronze staircase to now find my new room I’m not really the picky person so any room will do but for some reason I’m not sticking with the first story and neither the second, I find myself heading up the third story staircase. I walk down the dark corridor some more then I stop and glance at a small rundown door beside the fourth story staircase. I stand there staring at the door observing it closely. Do I dare pick a room near the fourth story staircase after what just happened? Am I really that stupid? Guess so for some off reason I’m drawn to this door I wonder why? Maybe it’s because I’m used to smaller spaces and I’m much more comfortable with them, Besides it was really just a hallucination and I’m seriously tired there’s no time to be so picky plus I think I’m really going to like this room.


  I crack the small rundown door open to take a peek inside it’s small for a mansion room but still big enough not bad it reminds me of my old room I had back in New York of course that room didn’t have as cool of a balcony, This one’s pretty big and old but it’ll do I have an easel I could probably put out there to paint scenery. The bed’s pretty big and old too about a king’s size the bed it’s self is a dark brown alongside the designed headboard, the sheets and blankets are all plain and a badge color, the walls are a golden white color with no patterns; really it’s not bad for my taste I love simple and plain. Well I guess I have found my room and that’s great because I’m really tired and need to sleep but can you blame me? Putting up with Cathy and all is just too much I’ll sleep now and unpack later and somehow make it up to dad. I walk inside the room and through my bag down on the white carpet then jump on the big looking soft bed and I lay for a second there then I shake my converse’s of in the air and hear them hit the floor. I’m sleeping now and no one is going to awaken me. This bed has literally already got me on cloud nine good bye regular cruel world I’m of too dream world for the night. I close my eyes and turn my head to a much more comfortable position I start to doze off and now everything is blank.



   I awake to a room full of light its morning and I can hear the birds singing outside my window on the tree. My headache is no longer bothering me and I feel refreshed. I can smell a delectable smell coming from downstairs. The smell immediately sends me to feet down the long corridor then all the stairs. I honestly don’t know why I chose a room on the third story it’s certainly too far and such a tiring thing to run or even walk down all these stairs. I’m finally down and in the bright golden kitchen. I turn my glance to the stove I see mom is in her red flower apron making eggs sunny side up, biscuit’s, gravy and bacon for break feast. My mouth is practically watering I can’t help it I didn’t eat any dinner last night they probably tried to wake me up but it’s no use I’m a heavy sleeper it will take you a hundred tries before you wake me up.

"You’re awake early" Mom says. She flips an egg over.

   "Yeah I guess I over slept" I grab a glass cup from the cabinet above the counter. I’m surprised I know exactly where they are I mean there are like a thousand cabinets in this kitchen I guess I just know mom.

“Yes I know and waking you up just never works" I sick my tongue out at her playfully and I give her my teasing eye's. She rolls her eyes." Go wake up your father and sister it's break feast time"

  "Awe seriously I was just going to pour some orange juice" She seizes a hold of my glass cup from my hand and shoos me away. “Okay I’ll go wake them up but through in a pancake for me Kay?” She gives me scornful eyebrows and I leave the kitchen.


   Now that I think about it I really don’t know where mom and dad’s room is nor do I know where Cathy’s is. They won’t be on the third or fourth floor it’s too far up

 For them so they probably chose a room on the second or first floor they tend to be lazy so running up and down the stairs like me just doesn’t seem to be in their agenda and I guess I can’t blame them. I walk down the east wing of the corridor the lights are on and this part of the mansion looks really nice and pretty. The golden walls are bright and look almost brand new not a hole or single crack in the wall the floors are white without a single stain or tear unlike the west part of the mansion for an old mansion the east wing looks like it has never been used. I crack open a door to find a nice bedroom really fancy but dads not in their so I try the door across from it. No use it’s another really nice bedroom but it’s still not where dad is. I walk a little more ways down the hall and I hear a thunderous sound I jolt. I turn my glance at the door ahead of me it’s cracked open so I take a quick peep inside and I can see dad sprawled out on the bed sleeping. Uh huh I figured that thunderous sound was coming from him. I step inside and approach his bed.

  “Dad” I whisper. “Dad wake up it’s time for breakfast” I tug on his beefy arm and he groans I hear him say “Fiv... mor minutes” I can make that out but I’m not going to give him five more minutes mom will never let me hear the end of it if I don’t wake him up now. I now tug on both of his arms he’s really heavy so I cannot lift him up off the bed I tug and tug and he opens his eyes.

 “What is it Lucy?” He asks.

   “Breakfast time” I say.

“Oh alright I’ll be down in a minute tell your mom”

  “Okay” I beam a smile. “Oh I almost forgot do you know where Cathy’s room is? It kind of took me a minute to find this room” He looks back at me.

 “Yeah for some off reason she chose the fourth floor the very end room I don’t know why that child would want to stay that far up but it’s probably got to do with that “Trendy” stuff”

   My eyes widen “The fourth floor?!” I’m not shocked because of my hallucination yesterday I’m just shocked because Cathy Moore actually chose the highest farthest room in the entire mansion. My sister Cathy is spoiled and lazy yet she chooses the highest room in the mansion does that even make a bit of sense? I’m nowhere near as lazy as her but I know the fourth story it’s just too much for my little feet if the third story runs down my energy I just know the forth story staircase will kill me. So now I have to walk up all those stairs just to wake up the spoiled princess? Isn’t this going to be fun? I walk out of the before I start the killer walk I yell down at mom telling as dad wanted me to “Dad said he will be down in a minute” I hear my echo loud and dividing all around the stairwell and moms powerful echo was next “Okay now go get Cathy up” I don’t holler back instead I already start on the first step and up I go. 1 step 2 step 3 steps…

Too much to count I lost myself at 75steps in count I only just approached the third story. My feet already hurt I still regret picking a room up on the third story floor.

   I’m up on the forth story staircase now the stairs are worn down creepy and they make creaking noises every time I take a step. It’s dark up here like really the lights are so dim and faint I can barely see the stair steps. It’s a good think I have my phone. I pull out my touch screen I tap on the flashlight icon and the radiant light shined. Now I can see a lot better I still can’t believe Cathy chose a room so far up my feet are tired and so are my arms don’t get me wrong the phones not heavy at all but I feel as if all my strengths just disappeared all of a sudden. My phone’s light flickers swiftly and shuts off. I take a quick glance at my phone to see my battery power and it’s at four percent. How is that possible I left my phone charging all night didn’t I? This is super strange there is no way it is almost dead already! A sudden flashback pops back up in my head the flashback from yesterday the birds the window and the strange shadow figure that stood firm in the middle fourth story window. I gasp as I feel a cold rush of breeze brush against my arm I jolt and drop my phone onto the stair case. Oh gosh I dropped my phone!? I’ve never ever dropped one of my phones before not ever I know it sounds crazy and too good to be true but I’ve always taken good care of my things I’ve always been so responsible with keeping things nice, neat and safe but now…

   “What? You actually dropped your phone?” A familiar voice says.

    I look up to see Cathy in her Victoria secret red night gown. Her blonde hair is all over the place so messy, messier than the flawless Cathy Moore would have ever looked but even so she really could pull it off unlike me if I looked like that I’d have really messy brown hair in knot balls and it wouldn’t look nearly look as perfect as Cathy’s hair.  “ I-I know I don’t know why even it just slipped from my hands…” I stop and switch to another subject. “Why did you pick a room on the fourth floor?”

  “Same reason as you I guess. Why did you pick a room on the third floor?” Her arms cross as if she’s also looking for an answer.

   “I don’t really know honestly” I say.

 I retreat and pick my phone up she already has the idea breakfast is ready so no need to really tell her. I start my way back down Cathy’s footstep’s follow soon after. I can still barely see but with Cathy behind me I feel reassured especially with what just happened a minute ago.








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