The Mentality team is a group of young adults that have a superior intellect when it comes to crime scenes. Together they solve every cold case the FBI throws there way. Though they soon will be solving a case that puts them all in danger. Will they catch the killer or die trying.


1. A/N and main characters

 A/N: Hey everyone I just want to warn you that I plan for this story to be very R rated so there will be tons of violence crime blood and gore and sexual themes. It's not going to be for those who get nauseous very easy. I hope that you guys like it and the characters I have created. I got the idea for the story from reading the naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. It's a lot different than the book though so it's not a fanfiction it's a story I am creating. Let me know what you guys think :) 


Main Characters: 


 Heidi Mara, 20




 Opal Lexi, 19



 Ty Adams, 20



 Sky Wentser, 21




 Kivan and Jackson Reynolds,18







 Arlington Rodes,20




 Paulie Sanders,23




 Basil Adams,21



Detective Brian Corric,28




 Detective Isaac Warrens,26



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