Some random poems I wrote.


1. Marriage, Jealousy, and Death

Her dream is happening

A diamond around her finger

Lace around her head

Silk around her body 

Tears in her eyes

Feet on the alter

Lips on her lips

Joined with him forever

Two bound hearts beating as one

Until the one breaks

Because the one wants another

Another that will have a diamond on her finger

Another that will have lace around her head

Another that will have silk around her body

Another with tears in her eyes

Feet on the alter

Lips on lips

Another joined with him forever

Their two hearts as one

But he would love the first until she was dead

Now her nightmare is happening

She comes home every day
See the man she once loved covered in lipstick and drunk

Saying that he loves no other

But the evidence is there

His hands on the phone every night

Shading it from her eyes

Until one day it is too much for him

He wants another so badly

So badly that his girl is no longer his girl

And she jumps into lake of tears

Head in a pool of blood

Silver by her side

Hinting an accident

Hiding a lie

Shading the truth

But she cannot be raised

Or taken 

Or forgiven

Or joined back together with the man of evil

And the skies cry tears

That come down like small knives

Stabbing the man in the heart

For he knows he was wrong

And the one who had loved him always

Will never love him again

And the one who has loved him for a minute

Will be gone in a second

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