The Revenge Of The Wallflower

"“I will come back for my revenge.” That was Tatiana Rostova’s promise to herself as she fought for her life one cold night out at sea after her fiancé and her stepsister, the two people she loved the most, betrayed her and watched as the raging waters swallowed her whole. She would even sell herself to the devil—even if the devil came in the form of the handsome, six-foot-two, silver- eyed Italian duke, Lucca Domenico Cavelli—just to take back everything that is rightfully hers. This is just the beginning of the wallflower’s revenge."


1. Prologue



The Betrayal

One should rather die than be betrayed.

There is no deceit in death.

It delivers precisely what it has promised. Betrayal, though. . . betrayal is the willful slaughter of hope.

 -Steven Deitz


Tatiana Rostova~


I stood frozen at the doorway. My brain refused to process what my eyes were telling me. It can’t be happening, I told myself repeatedly.

My stepsister, Sabrina, who I love more than a real sister, was in bed naked with the man I love with all my heart.

I was sure the man just resembled him. Could it be his twin brother? The shock on the faces of the two people on the cabin bed mirrored mine.

‘’What the hell is the meaning of this?’’ I yelled, slicing through the silence.

The two finally recovered from their surprise and realized that they were exposing their full glory right before my eyes. They scrambled to cover themselves with the white bed sheets.

‘’Tatiana…’’ my lying fiancé, Paolo, started as he reached for his boxers on the floor.

‘’Let me explain.’’

I was praying that Paolo actually had a twin that he had just forgotten to introduce to me. Even that excuse sounded ridiculous to me. The headache I’d been having since supper was nowhere near the pain in my heart at that very moment. I went up to Sabrina’s room to ask for some medicine, but what I got was something else entirely.

‘’Explain?’’ I repeated coldly.

‘’Explain what?’’ You screwing my sister while I was suffering from a headache in the other room?’’


For the first time, my treacherous stepsister joined in on the conversation. I tried not to cry out loud as I demanded for an answer. I treated her like a real sister, and I was repaid with betrayal? I tried to block the images from my mind- the image of Sabrina moaning my fiancé’s name as wallflower.

I had always been an awkward woman who couldn’t carry a conversation during gatherings. I always faded into the background in my baggy clothes.

Paolo Ranaldi belonged to someone like my stepsister. With her blonde hair and big blue eyes, she was New York City’s most celebrated debutante, the darling of Manhattan society.

That’s why I felt like Cinderella when Paolo swept me off my feet.

I should have known fairy tales weren’t real. Who was I kidding? Of course, the handsome prince shouldn’t belong to someone as ugly as I am.

‘’Tatiana. Please. Let me explain,’’ Paolo said when he finally reached for his pants.

Despite the fact that we were to marry in a few months’ time, Paolo and I had never shared a bed once. I stupidly thought that he was valuing my innocence, and he chooses to wait patiently until our wedding night. It never occurred to me that he was having a tryst with my stepsister the entire time. The thought of them having an affair behind my back, for only God knew how long, made me want to lose all control and lunge at them.

‘’Don’t bother,’’ I said, with a smile that felt like it was about to crack my jaw. ‘’You traitors don’t have to explain anything to me.’’

I removed the engagement ring from my finger and tossed it to Paolo.

‘’The engagement is off.’’

With what little dignity I had left, I stormed out of the room. I may have been a timid woman, but still had the pride of the Rostovas in my veins.

‘’Tatiana,’’ Paolo called as he followed me with only his jeans on. 

‘’Can you please just talk to me?’’

I quickened my pace. ‘’Leave me alone, Paolo. I have nothing to say to you. As far as I’m concerned, you and Sabrina are dead to me.’’

Paolo followed persistently as I headed out to the deck, hoping to clear my head.

I stared out into the sea from the deck of my family’s yacht. I couldn’t hold back the tears that threatened to fall from the corners of my eyes. What I expected to be a happy vacation in the beautiful Amalfi Coast, with my two favorite people, turned into a disastrous revelation of their treachery.

 “Tatiana,” Paolo grabbed my arm.

“Please talk to me. Per favore (Please)?” I removed my arm from his grip.

“We have nothing to say to each other. By tomorrow, New York will know about all this.”

“Cara Mia (my beloved),” he cajoled and held my hand in his. I only felt disgust. “Please…” he begged and touched my arm again. I had just pulled myself free from his grip when I noticed that Sabrina had also followed me to the deck.

“Let me go, Paolo!” I yelled.

 “We’re through. Done. It’s over!” And then the unexpected thing happened. As he suddenly released me, I lost my balance and fell onto the side of the yacht. I held onto the cold, slippery metallic railing for dear life. Paolo loomed over me as he tried to reach for me.

“Dio!” Paolo exclaimed, looking down at me.

“Tatiana!” “Pull me up! Pull me up!” I called out.


 “Don’t save her,” Sabrina said. I couldn’t believe my ears. Did she want me to die?

“This is a good opportunity, right? She’ll be out of our lives forever and the Rostova billions will be ours.”

 “But Rina—” I felt my arms weaken from the strain of my own weight. Panic welled up inside me when my right hand slipped from my grip on the railing, and I was forced to hold onto the edge of the deck.

You didn’t intend to marry her for real, did you?” I heard Sabrina say in a brutal tone.

“You’re just after her money, right?” How many more truths had I been blind to? If finding them in bed together broke my heart, what I had just learned shattered it into pieces. So he was only after the Rostova fortune? He said he loved me… I was praying that my Paolo would deny it fiercely. But his silence only disappointed me.

“Let’s go and leave her here to fall to her death,” Sabrina chimed in again.

“By tomorrow, the news of the Rostova heir’s death will be on international media. We’ll just tell them that everything was just an accident.” Was the stepsister I trusted with all my life really capable of murder? I watched helplessly as she pulled Paolo, the only man I ever loved, away from the deck.

“No!” I cried frantically as a strong gust of wind weakened my arms, and what little grip I had on the deck finally slipped. The next thing I knew, I was falling into the cold, ravaging waters of the Amalfi Coast. I swallowed a mouthful of seawater as I resurfaced and gasped for air. I managed to stay afloat despite my inability to swim. The engine revved into life and the yacht slowly took off. I can’t die here, I thought to myself.

 I flailed in the cold, but opening my mouth only let in more saltwater. I wanted to survive, and I wanted revenge.

 I was beginning to feel exhausted from paddling and keeping my head above water when I saw a light… streaming from the heavens? I didn’t want to die there, knowing that my treacherous fiancé and stepsister were celebrating my death. I couldn’t die without avenging myself.

 “I will be back for my revenge,” I said as I slowly lost consciousness amid the ravaging waters and the heavenly light, fighting desperately for my life.

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