The Revenge Of The Wallflower

"“I will come back for my revenge.” That was Tatiana Rostova’s promise to herself as she fought for her life one cold night out at sea after her fiancé and her stepsister, the two people she loved the most, betrayed her and watched as the raging waters swallowed her whole. She would even sell herself to the devil—even if the devil came in the form of the handsome, six-foot-two, silver- eyed Italian duke, Lucca Domenico Cavelli—just to take back everything that is rightfully hers. This is just the beginning of the wallflower’s revenge."


3. Chapter Two- The Breakfast


The Breakfast


Expect problems and eat them for breakfast.


 -Ivy Baker Priest


Tatiana Rostova~


The man was impossible. He was the most arrogant and exasperating person I have ever had the misfortune of meeting!

 Lucca Cavelli took 'no’ for an answer. I wanted to rush to New York, but here I was stuck with him, watching as he devoured his breakfast. He asked no questions—but he liked giving orders as if he were a king.  


“You’re not touching your food,” he said. He was either dense, or he just didn’t care about my mood. 


Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that he was studying me.


 “Don’t want to.” 


“You know,” he said.


 “When you don’t eat, tesoro (treasure), a weak wind can toss you back to the sea just like last night.” 

I gritted my teeth, still refusing to look at him. He was making fun of me. I could hear the laughter in his voice. 


“Why don’t you just ignore me like I do you?” I snapped. The old Tatiana Rostova would never snap at people no matter how rude they were. But this new Tatiana has had it after everything that’s happened. 


“Are you ignoring me?” he said, laughter still in his voice. His silver eyes gleamed with delight. 


“Forgive me. I wasn’t aware, cara (dear)?” 


“Don’t call me that,” I said, glaring.


 “Anything but that.” 


“Ah…” he said, smiling.


 “So some Italian has broken the heart of Ms. Rostova. I wonder who?” 

I cursed myself for slipping up. Lucca Cavelli languidly spread the newspaper in front of him, blocking himself from view—not that I cared. 


I gazed back at the sea. My stomach grumbled, but I still refused the meal. I will not give him the satisfaction of following his order. 


“Look at this,” he said, pointing at one of the headlines. I couldn’t understand a word because everything was in Italian, but I recognized my yacht on the picture. 


“‘Hotel Heiress Lost at Sea,’,” he said, translating it for me.  

I snorted. Sabrina had been serious about making it appear like an accident, and that I was the stupid wench who drowned herself. 


“Would you like me to read on?” he offered.  




“On one condition,” he bargained.




I gave him a look, but the devil just shrugged. I gave a resigned sigh and started digging into my breakfast. 

He momentarily gave me a guarded look before clearing his throat and reading… 


Tatiana Rostova, the heir of Rostova International Hotels, was reported missing on the Amalfi Coast last night after allegedly partying too hard on her 25th birthday party, which she celebrated with her fiancé, businessman Paolo Ranaldi, and her stepsister, New York Socialite Sabrina Hunter.

In an ambush interview, a teary-eyed Sabrina said that ‘Tati’ was ‘suffering from a severe headache’ following an alcohol binge.

‘We tried to stop her but she was having such a good time,’ Hunter said. ‘She said she wanted to clear her head before heading to the deck a few hours before she went missing.’

Mr. Ranaldi, on the other hand, refused to give a statement. The Guardia Costiera continues the search for the heir in the waters of the Amalfi Coast.

An inside source tells us that Mrs. Amanda Hunter-Rostova, stepmother of Tatiana Rostova, is now bound for Italy to join the search and rescue operations for her missing stepdaughter.

Rumors say that the missing heir is set to take over as the new CEO of the famous hotel chain, following her birthday and her marriage. Words are also spreading about her reluctance to manage the billion-dollar hotel empire.”


I remained deadpan after Lucca finished the article. Paolo and Sabrina are quite the actors, I thought. Undoubtedly, I was played by their deviousness. The last thing they’d be doing was to mourn for me. They were probably at the penthouse celebrating my demise. 

They are certainly in for a surprise once I resurface. God has given me a second chance to get back at the people who tried to kill me, and to take back what’s rightfully mine—and more. I will not stop until I get everything back. 


They will regret the day they messed with Tatiana Rostova.


Paolo Ronaldi~


I stared mindlessly at the television. All the news programs were talking about Tatiana’s death. My conscience kept me awake, remembering the pleas of my fiancée as she struggled in the water. 

I killed her, and I should burn in hell for it.  


“Why aren’t you eating?” 


I glared at the blonde wearing only a bathrobe. 


“Is that all you can say? My conscience is eating me alive.” I never thought she could be so heartless.

 “Aren’t you worried about her?” 


She snorted and continued munching on her bread.


 “Why should I be when we’re about to get our hands on the entire Rostova fortune? Besides, it was an accident, remember?” she said with a sly smile. 


That was the last straw. I stood up from the couch and walked over to her.


 “How could you be so indifferent about this?” I said, shaking her.


“Why do you dislike her so much?” 


“Dislike is an understatement,” she said, her blue eyes catching light, making them look icy cold.


“It was loathing, Paolo. Pure unadulterated loathing.” 


I gaped at her. But she was her best friend, I thought.  


“Why?” I said in a low voice.


“Why? Because she was who she was—Tatiana Rostova, the woman who shunned upper-class society and refused famous designers who were willing to dress her. She had more than everything I could ever dream of, but she refused them entirely like they didn’t matter!” 

I never thought that Rina could be so consumed by her jealousy toward her wallflower stepsister. It turned her into a monster. 


“You know what’s worse?” Her raspy voice echoed with dark laughter. 


“She also took away mother’s love for me. She always looked after her before me, her own daughter. Growing up, she started to hide in those bedraggled clothes inside our huge library. The more she tried to stay away, the more attention she got. And I hated it.” 


That was not entirely true.


When I was courting Tatiana, she was more than that girl in hideous clothes hiding in the library. She was smart and funny, and I enjoyed being with her. 


“Don’t feel guilty,” Sabrina said finally, dragging me out of my reverie.


 “She’s gone now. And you’re finally all mine.”                        


She hooked her arms around my neck and kissed me.

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