City of Dreams

(WARNING: Complete the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices. We are not considering information from the Dark Artifices as this was handwritten before the release.)
This story takes place 3 years after the events of TMI. The vengeful Seelie Queen has manipulated the way dreams work, it's vital that she is destroyed as she controls dangerous magic, all dreams and nightmares come true. Shadowhunters are in danger as the Seelie Queen's powers eat away at Alicante.


4. The Automaton

     Clary was on a frozen lake, but the world around her was burning. Clary gasps, a boy with pale blond hair that matched the moonlight, stood with his back to her. He was several yards away but she immediately knew who it was. Jonathan. 

     He turned, as she thought of his name. His eyes were a bright green that matched her own.

    "Clary," his voice was soft but clear, "the Seelie Queen is coming, she's coming."  Clary wanted to run to him but felt herself slowly fading away from her brother.

.    Clary awoke with a start, the sun pouring into the room. See looked over, Jace must've gotten up a few minutes ago. His side of the bed was still slightly warm. 

     Clary dragged herself to the bathroom and tossed on a quarter sleeved black shirt and fought with her unruly red hair.

     When she went back to the bedroom, Jace had already made the bed impeccably and was dusting off the dresser for probably the fifth time in twelve hours. Still remembering the dream about Jonathan, Clary told Jace about it, hoping he wouldn't freak out. 

     Jace's face stayed impassive but as for when she told Simon, he had a kitten. Simon droned on and on about how she might've just revived her psychotic, sadistic brother. He stopped when there was a knock on the door.

     Isabelle opened it and Clary stood up to see who it was. A man who looked like he was from the nineteenth century walked in and grabbed Isabelle with a vise like grip. Isabelle grabbed a smale dagger from her belt and plunged it into the man's side. A black substance poured from the cut but the man's grip did not loosen. Jace and Alec both grabbed seraph blades but as soon as they made contact with the man, the blades crumpled away. Jace grabbed a knife from his own belt and cut off the man's  right arm. Isabelle tore free and Jace stabbed the thing through the back where Clary knew that both the spinal cord and heart would be pierced.

     "What the hell was that?" asked Simon. 

     "That," came a voice, "was an automaton." Jem Carstairs stood at the doorway, "And there's a whole group of them. Don't use seraph blades and don't leave one till you know it's dead or incapacitated."

    "How the check do you know that?" Isabelle asked.

     "Tessa had the unfortunate nightmare of the past, the automatons. We've already killed eight and there are more lurking around. Be careful." Then he turned around and left after nodding to Jace.

    Clary shivered and had the sense that there'd be many more horrors beside the automatons and that was only the beginning.

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