City of Dreams

(WARNING: Complete the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices. We are not considering information from the Dark Artifices as this was handwritten before the release.)
This story takes place 3 years after the events of TMI. The vengeful Seelie Queen has manipulated the way dreams work, it's vital that she is destroyed as she controls dangerous magic, all dreams and nightmares come true. Shadowhunters are in danger as the Seelie Queen's powers eat away at Alicante.


3. Iron through the Heart

     The Great Hall was freezing, Simon vaguely remembered the chill of being a vampire. 

    Then Jia Penhallow stood atop the dais and called attention to the murmuring shadowhunters and Simon stopped thinking about reindeer sweaters.

     "This is an emergency meeting for the Clave. You've been called because it has been brought to our attention, the faerie are using dangerous magic against us." Again, gasps and murmurs ran through the hall, the sound echoing against the marble.

     "Now, I will remind you, the fey have existed before Nephilim. Therefore, we have had limited say as they live in a world unbeknownst to us. However, they were in league with Jonathan Morgenstern during the Dark War, three years ago."

     "And," it was Robert Lightwood, the inquisitor. "we believe he developed an intimate relationship with the Seelie Queen. Though it has been three years in our world, in the land of the faerie, it may have been many years. Enough to build power once more. It is believed the Queen has not gotten over her...loss. We believe she has finally begun her revenge. All dreams we may have, come true. Whether good or bad depends on the dreamer, but the Queen has done this, to ensure we will destroy ourselves."

     Simon couldn't help to think about the dancing Christmas elves he saw in a dream the other night, that would be quite a sight. Then he snapped to attention when the Consul cleared her voice.

     "Sleep runes are not recommended as you may still have dreams, but only dreams you remember become a reality."

     "This was brought to our attention yesterday." said the hallow voice of Brother Enoch. "Melia Foxwell, had a dream the other day, the sixth of December. The next day her family's country house was seized by several raum demons. And yet they fortunately all survived, miss Foxwell recalls having a nightmare the night before yesterday's event. Yet her sister also awoke from a dream herself but as she did not remember, it did not happen."

     Simon nearly shook his head, confused but decided against it as everyone else was unmoving.

     "Now," the Consul again. "Should we find further proof of this attack from the fey we may-" the Consul jerked to the right. An arrow missed her throat by inches and buried itself into a wall. When Simon looked closer, he saw the Seelie Court's insignia engraved on the arrow head.

     A sea of black rushed towards the back of the Hall where the arrow came from. Shadowhunters crowded around a Seelie Knight who reminded Simon of that douche bag Meliorn.

    "We are no longer allies, but enemies!" The faeries cackled. "You've asked for war when you refused to hail to Jonathan Morgenstern! Dreams are deceiving but they will now tell the truth, and des​troy you, we will destroy you!"

     Then the faeries made awful choked, gurgling sounds, as he was speared with an iron sword. Simon gritted his teeth as blood poured down the faerie's armor. Then he suddenly felt like someone put a sword through his own chest as the realization of war set in.

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