The Bachelorette

After discovering at a young age to depend on herself, Madison Paige builds an image and reputation of high status on her own. She loves the parties, the fame and only makes friends out of people within her successful circle. But what happens when she discovers her bastard parents gave up a sister she didn't know about, a sister she didn't want? Will she learn to understand that everyone needs family? And what about the low-budget principal who insist on making her his? Will she be willing to give up the oh so fabulous life of a bachelorette for something she feared?


1. Chapter 1


I rolled my eyes at the headlines in the newspaper. Last night was a really good one, though it always was with Justin. He knew how to party. Justin and I got along well because we were similar. We were both successful business persons and though he was older than me, we were party animals.
At the few of twenty five, I was the owner of a chain of fifty hotels across the world and I had myself to thank for that. My parents, the worthless set they were, died when I was fifteen and made my life better when  my godmother took me in and cared for me. That was the one good thing they ever did, die.

I got up off my couch and drank some water still trying to recover from my hangover from last night's partying with Justin. I ran towards my phone that was ringing on the counter in my kitchen and picked it up answering immediately.

"Madison Paige." 

"Maddy have you seen the headlines?" a male voice asked sounding amused. It was Justin.

"I did . Apparently you're romancing me," I giggled and he laughed along with me.

"But you're too into yourself and too work oriented to let that happen."

"And you're too much of a man whore to settle down," I threw back.

"No Maddy. I'm just waiting for the right girl and you know it," he said seriously and I remained silent because I knew it was true. He was a family person which was where we differed, "Now if you don't mind I have to go recover from this hangover."

"Getting old, you can't keep up?" I teased.

"Watch it Maddy."

"Goodbye Justin. I've got to go find some young bachelor to party with tonight instead," I pushed further.

"Bye Maddy, be careful," he warned.

"Oh I will."

I hung up and then messaged Eric who was another one of my regular party buddies. I didn't like to be left in this mansion of mine because I was always alone. So I tried to be out as much as possible throughout the days. I didn't keep friends who weren't in my circle because people always wanted money if they didn't have it.

Today I had to be at a high school nearby to speak to an assembly of senior students about my success in the business world. Unfortunately, there would be a few reporters because 'people apparently wanted this story' but really they just wanted my picture. Anyways, I had to be there by ten and it was around nine.

I got up and rushed to the bathroom taking a quick shower and then deciding on wearing a business -like yet no so professional looking dress and some black heels. I decided to we're my black hair down and I curled it. I applied light make-up, making my blue eyes pop and turning my pink lips red and then grabbed my purse and went downstairs where my driver and my assistant was waiting.

"Hey let's go. We have fifteen minutes to get there," I said as I got in the car. He immediately took off speeding so we could get there on time.

"I told you to stay home last night. I see you failed to listen. Not because this is not making you richer means its not as important," my assistant disciplined.

"You said it not me," I muttered and she glared at me, "I'm kidding is what you want to hear but I'm really not."

"You need to change and do better," she told me and then stared out the window for the rest of the ride.

We arrived three minutes early still and my assistant Emily led me through the school to where we needed to be. There was a gorgeous man outside dressed in a suit. He was tall and built. His hair seemed to be of good length, to about his shoulder but he had it up in a man bun. He had his hands on his hips and he looked worried. His brown eyes met mine and relief washed over his face.

"I thought you weren't coming," he narrowed his eyes on me and looked me over. His voice was sexy too.

"I'm sorry It's my fault. I was further engaged earlier but I'm here now," I apologized taking the blame, something different for me to do.

"Ms. Paige, this is Mr. Meyer, the principal. My. Meyer, this is Madison Paige," Emily introduced us and I shook his hand nervous yet slightly disappointed that he was just a principal. My palms were sweaty in his and for some reason I didn't want to let go and neither did he. His gaze was intense and I didn't like it.

"It's great to meet you but I think the children should be getting restless now," I forced a nervous laugh and pulled my hand from him.

"I'm sure you're right Ms. Paige," he smirked at me. I looked away nervously and he chuckled, "Let me go introduce you Madison.

He winked at me and my mouth fell open in shock. How dare he call me by my first name? We weren't friends and we'd never be. He wasn't in my category. He was just a high school principal! And what was up with that wink? Was he flirting with me? God, could he feel my sweaty palms? Did he read my body language? I hadn't even heard my introduction but my assistant Emily was pushing me through the doors and the students were clapping and the guys whistling.

"Good morning teachers, members of staff and most importantly students. Thank you Principal Meyer for that warm introduction. I'm extremely grateful that I have the pleasure of sharing my road to success with you..." I started before getting into a long speech about how I got to where I was, making a few jokes here and there to keep the children interested. After about forty five minutes my speech came to an end, "Any questions before I have to allow you to return to your classes?"

A girl's hand shot up immediately and my eyes found hers which looked rather familiar. She almost looked like a younger me, it was scary. She had black hair like mine and her facial features were too similar. I called on her.

"There was no mention of your parents and there is nothing online either. How have your parents contributed to your success?" she asked and I blinked twice. Years ago, I paid to have everything about my parents removed from the internet so I couldn't be linked back to those bastards.

"No comment. Next question."

"Were they supportive of your career?" she pushed rather determined.

"They had their own problems to worry about," I tried to sound polite but my answer was a bit stiff.

"So they helped you in no way?"

"They died when I was fifteen," I smiled sweetly.

"I'm sorry. What were they like?"

"One was female, the other was male," I responded and everyone laughed. I was annoyed with this girl and she didn't look too amused with me. I didn't like the fact that she looked like me either, "Anybody else? How about you?"

"What do you do in your free time?" the guy asked.

"Party," I replied easily and the crowd cheered. I laughed, "It's good to have fun every once in a while, though I do it more than often."

"Are you busy tonight?" the guy winked and the principal stepped forward to address him but I placed my hand on his chest letting him know I had this. Big mistake. It was hard to pull my hand away.

"As a matter of fact, I am," I grinned at the boy who laughed and winked at me, "Any more questions?"

"Do you have any scholarships?"

"Great question. Lately, my assistant and I have been working on a scholarship program and an internship as well, where we would like to select a group of hard working students to be interns and also be reviewed for scholarships. My assistant and my team will keep your principal updated," I informed the audience. There weren't any more questions so I was about to wrap it up when there was an outburst from the girl from earlier.

"What kind of parents were they?"

"Why do you keep asking about my parents?" I raised my voice frustrated.

"Because they were my parents too!" she creamed.

So many things happened at that moment. The reporters went wild, the girl ran out of the room and my mouth fell open in shock. What the hell was she talking about?

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