Fallen star

This is about a girl who does not feel any emotions for 16 years, until a strange girl who has amnesia comes along and mess up her routine. This is not a love story!


2. What happened after that...

When the morning came I almost screamed when I got out of bed, almost stepping on ‘Mckenna’, and jumping back onto the mangled  blankets and sheets that I, myself had just woke up on. I quietly stepped over her and made my way to the bathroom and locked the door shut. I finished my business and walked back to my room to turn on my TV and switch across the channels to the one I wanted. The news. After watching the news for 2 hours I get a little jumpy because its 11 and 'Mckenna' has still not woken up from her rest. I pulled myself up off my bed and shook her shoulder. She started twitching, then rolled over and sat up, eyes still snapped shut. my heart beat faster.  When she finally  opened her eyes, I could have sworn they were blue,  but now they had changed into the color of thick, melted, chocolate when they had once been the color of the sky above us all.

My shoulders shook in coldness and I grabbed a sweater that was slumped against a caramel-colored wood chair

In the corner of my bedroom and pulled its warm, comforting, burgundy shade over my head. 'Mckenna' stared.

She didn't speak or move, for that matter. Her eyes felt that, well, they didn't seem to have the warmth that they had had the day before. I watched her chest rise and fall, inhale and exhale, but that's all that went on.  I blinked.

Who was she? and what was her story?


I had to find out.

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