My monster

I wrote this story for an English project about rewriting traditional fairy tales. I have always been fascinated by the real version about Peter Pan, where he is an angel of dead, stealing children and then killing them when they grow up. So I decided to write a story about it. Hope you enjoy.


2. Neverland

I could not see anything except for darkness, but I could feel the wind on my face and his hand pulling hard in my arm. My body was numb, partly from the cold wind, but mostly because I was so scared. 

Suddenly a bright white light forced my mind to wake up. I was met with the most beautiful sight. An island filled with the most amazing places, I guess that was why it was made, to make every child taken here happy, at least for a while. Peter’s grip loosened and I started falling. My screams were deafened by the wind howling around me, but that did not stop me. My throat was sore, when I finally landed on a plain of flowers. Surprisingly, I was not hurt.

I started crying. Tear after tear feel down my cheeks and my sobs were loud and like earthquakes in my body. I tried to contain it by wrapping my arms around my body, but nothing could stop it. “Melody” his voice tore through my sobs. I held my breath trying to stop the sobbing. Slowly I got up and turned around. He was standing on the other side of the plain with a little glittery thing on his shoulder. “Peter!” “Peter Pan!” “Peter! You are back”. A bunch of young boys came running towards Peter almost attacking him with joy. I took my chance and I ran. I ran as fast as I could into the forest.

The forest was dark and confusing. It felt as if it was alive and wanted Peter to catch me. I kept falling over rots that did not seem to be there before. Leaves and branches kept hitting me in the face. At the same time it felt dead. Not a single bird, or insect or squirrel was in sight, like they were all too scared to live here. Another root came up from the ground, making me fall, hitting my knee on a rock. Blood fell from the cut. I ripped a piece of cloth from my shirt and tied it around my knee. The pain was powerful and I could hardly walk, but I had to or else Peter would get me.

I started limping forward. It was slow and painful, but I got me away and before I knew it I was by the sea. It was beautiful, glittering almost like a diamond. It was compelling and I slowly moved forward, reaching out for the blue wonder. “STOP!” someone took my hand pulling me backwards. A man, a very grown up man, stood in front of me. He looked like a pirate with long big coat, a funny hat and a missing hand replaced with a hook. “Don’t you worry I am not going to hurt you, but the water might, it is filled with piranhas” His voice was calm. “What is your name? Mine is Captain Hook!” “Melody” I said or at least I tried. My voice was hoarse from the crying and the fact I had not spoken for a while. 

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