My monster

I wrote this story for an English project about rewriting traditional fairy tales. I have always been fascinated by the real version about Peter Pan, where he is an angel of dead, stealing children and then killing them when they grow up. So I decided to write a story about it. Hope you enjoy.


5. Going home

After Peter and the lost boys had left. The Captain invited me onboard his ship. I treaded carefully, not wanting to end up on the other side again, but this time my foot hit the hard timber and I got onto the ship. “I can take you home” I turned around looking at Hook. “…Like I took your grandmother”. I accepted his offer, wanting to get away from all the madness and the ship started flying.

It was amazing flying through the sky. All the darkness of the sky with only the stars lighting our way, like carefully placed diamonds. When we came to my house my mother and grandmother stood in the garden crying from happiness from seeing me again. I quickly ran down from the ship and embraced them. “It was nice meeting you Melody and good to see you again Wendy” Captain Hook waved at us from the ship. ”… but we’ll have to head back”. I took a step forward looking at him in confusion. “Aren’t you going to stay?” Captain Hook shook his head. “It turns out we aren’t fully grown up”. The ship started to fly again and we stood on the ground waving goodbye. Neverland was a finished chapter for us… at least for now.

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