My monster

I wrote this story for an English project about rewriting traditional fairy tales. I have always been fascinated by the real version about Peter Pan, where he is an angel of dead, stealing children and then killing them when they grow up. So I decided to write a story about it. Hope you enjoy.


3. Baby blue

the fact I had not spoken for a while.

“You’ve met him haven’t you?” The before calm voice, now seemed worried and rushed. I have heard questions like this one before; these questions were something adults would ask without needing you to give an answer. “We need to go now!” the man said looking at something behind me. Before I could even look behind me, he was pulling me towards… Nothing? We ran from empty beach to even more empty beach and I didn’t understand why. Not until I looked back and saw his face, the face of Peter Pan. After that I didn’t care were we were running. I just wanted to get away.

Then out of the nothingness came a ship. The most majestic ship I had ever seen. It was taller than the apartments back home, it was made of solid timber, with clouds of white fabric as sails and the most beautiful wooden mermaid on the front of the ship, so detailed it almost looked real. As I came closer and closer the ship seemed to blur and when I stood right in front of it, preparing to enter, I ended up on the other side of it. “Melody” Hook’s voice came from the top of the ship. “Aren’t you an adult?” He seemed almost surprised. I shook my head slowly with a tear running down my face. “You can’t get on the ship if you aren’t an adult”. I could see the sadness on his face and I knew that he could not do anything for me, so I ran. I ran as fast as my leg could carry me, forgetting the pain in my knee. I ran over the empty beach and up onto the gray mountain. Running for hours meant, that I at last lost Peter.

The mountain was big and gray, filled with running water coming from every crack in the hard surface. I stopped by one of them and filled my hands with water. After drinking and washing my face I decided to rest for a moment. I had been running for most of the day and the sun was about to set.

Will you help me?” a small voice came from behind a small rock lying nearby. “I lost my mother”. Behind the stone there was a little baby bird with hardly any feathers. It was shaking and looked so tired, like it had given up on life. “I am so terribly tired” I told the little bird, not wanting to walk anymore. The bird looked sad and lay down on the ground with its eyes closed. The sight made my heart break and took up the bird and wrapped it in my wooly scarf. “Where does your mother live” the bird moved back and forth, making itself comfortable. “On the top of the mountain by the great river”. I started walking, trying not to pay attention to my tired and hurting legs. I held the bird close to my body, trying to give it as much warmth as I could. The walk took all night, but by dawn I had reached the top of the mountain. The bird, who I found out was called blue, had gotten warm and would not stop talking about the mountain. “Have you ever seen anything so amazing? It’s like you can see all of Neverland from here. Someday I won’t need it, because I’ll have my wings and I’ll be able to fly and… Mother!” We had reached the great river and right next to it was a big bird’s nest with a big hawk and its many children. “Blue? Is that really you?” The hawk stepped out of the nest and came towards me. Blue hopped from my arm and onto her mother’s head. ”Thank you! For bringing back my baby to me” lowering it head as a gesture of respect. “You look tired. Come take a nap by my nest. I’ll watch over you”. I wanted to decline, not wanting to be a burden, but my legs were giving up and my eyes could not stay open, so I walked towards the nest and fell asleep with the calming sound of running water and birds tweeting. 

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