We never thought

I never thought that I would be me again. I don't want to be alone, my heart beats fast for him, but he crushed it. Slowly, slowly, I hope you pick up the pieces.


2. We

"Why did this happen to me?! Everybody is gone! Everybody has left me!" I cry. "What happened to never leaving me?!" I sob, and clutch her stained shirt. I sob into her cold chest, cursing her for leaving me. "WHY?!" I scream and hug her, trying to warm up her cold body. Her skin is a white as paper. Her lips, lost all their color, and her eyes dull. Her chocolate brown eyes that held only love, dead, cold and lifeless. Her warm hand that held mine. Cold. No more loving embraces, no more kisses, no more... anything. Everything that made my life meaningful, is now gone, and I have nobody else. The house will be cold, empty, and lifeless. I don't want to be alone, I don't want to be afraid, I don't want to go back to having no love in my life anymore. "Don't leave me please! Mom, you said we were going to stay with me forever! I just want us to be happy! I never wanted to cause you pain, or anything. Just happiness, and I know that I am acting like a baby. I can't help it! I'm loosing the person that means everything to me. You have been there with me since the beginning. I can't loose the person that has been there for everything, because it is that person that knows me better than anyone." I sob into my hands. My newly dyed navy blue hair that started this is everywhere, and my green eyes are puffy and red. How did this happen?

*A Few hours before*

I wake up and look at my mom that is still holding me. I gently shake her awake and smile at her. "Mom, remember when you said that when I gave the word we can dye me hair?" I ask her. She looks at me, and nods. "Can we go today?"" I ask excitedly, and she nods. I cheer and rush her to get ready. I jump in the shower, wash my body, and hair." I dry off and get dressed. I rush to my waiting mom and rush her out of the door. "I'm glad you are feeling better Honey." she says. "I am, thanks mama." I say and hug her. "You're welcome my baby girl." she says and hugs me back. I let her go and drag her along. "Come on! Come on! I really want my hair a navy blue or purple!" I say jumping up and down hyper. "Okay, okay. Slow down." she giggles and speeds her pace up. We walk the busy streets weaving our way around people, and finally arrive at our destination. "Okay, you ready?" Mom asks, and I nod. We enter the shop. "We are here to dye my daughters hair." she says. The lady nods and motions me to follow her. I comply and sit in the chair she stands in front of. "Have you ever been here before?" she asks. "No, this is the first time I am going to get it dyed." I say. "What color do you want?" she asks. "Do you have a dark purple?" I ask. She walk and comes back. "There is a little, but not enough for all your hair." she says. "How about a navy blue?" I ask.

She walks in the other direction and grabs multiple bottles. "Yup, we have a lot of this color." she says. "Okay! Lets get this done!" I cheer. I let her do her job while idly chatting with my mom. "I want you to see me when it's done." I say. She pouts and walks into the waiting room. "You are going to love this when I am done with your hair." she says. I giggle, "I bet." I say. After about a hour or so it was done. My hair was rinsed and dry. "You ready to see?" she asks. I nod, and she turns me around. I look at my reflection and let out a squeal. Mom comes rushing in and gives me bear hug. "I OVE IT! IT LOOKS SO CUTE!" she squeals. I hug her back. "I know." I yell. "You love it that much?" the lady asks. "Judy?! We love it!" Mom says hugging her. "Well I'm glad you love it Mindy!" the woman know as Judy says hugging back. "Thank you Judy." I say hugging her too. "You're welcome kid." she says.

I turn to Mom after she is done paying and chatting. "You ready to go?" I ask. "Okay, lets head home." she says. I nod and we walk. I press the side button on the pole and wait for a minute. The light turns red and we are clear for walking. I begin to walk across the street and turn around immediately as I hear my mom's scream and loud laughing. "MOM!" I scream and rush towards her. There was blood everywhere, and she was breathing heavily. "CALL AN AMBULANCE!" I screech holing my moms hand. I hear people talking and faint sirens. "Hold on mom, help is on the way." I plead.

*Back to the present*

"Don't leave, please." I sob. I am pulled back, but I try to fight the person. Let us help her!" I hear somebody yell and I stop. We were perfect. We were happy. We were content with our lives. We were everything a mother and daughter would want. Complete honesty. That's what we were. I don't want anything to happen to us. "Please do what ever it takes, please save her. We want our normal lives back again." I whisper as I collapse on the ground and sob.

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