We never thought

I never thought that I would be me again. I don't want to be alone, my heart beats fast for him, but he crushed it. Slowly, slowly, I hope you pick up the pieces.


6. Day 3

Three days ago I received a call from the hospital, at approximately 9:47 AM my mother passed away, in her sleep. I got the call confirming it at 10 PM, the ringing of the phone is what woke me up of the nap that I regretfully fell into.. In the afternoon of my mother's death a boy came to me, his name was Jonathan. He asked me out on a date, despite my mothers death I knew she wouldn't of wanted me to grieve over her. I answered with a simple sentence. He picked me up after school and we watched a movie and went to dinner. He was a nice boy, and we got along nicely, and we began to date. Two days after the death of my mother he broke up with me. That day I went home and collapsed in the floor sobbing. Despite the shortness of our relationship we were close. Today is the third day of my mothers death. On August 1st, my father died in a shoot out, my mother died in her sleep, and a start of a short relationship began. Today is the day I stand on my own two feet and accept the cold world and scream on the top of my lungs that I can take this, the abuse of the world, and the lost of everything around me.

*In the morning*

I slowly walk out of my empty and sad house, it's walls bare, the furniture covered, the rooms empty of all of the old owner's items, and the basement full of boxed of the belongings. Only one room full of items, my items. The walls still black, the curtains still purple, the sheets still black, and the rug still navy blue. Silent cries continue to ring throughout the house, only for those who hold a strong connection with the house can hear them. Along with the laughs, the crying, and the memories, the good and bad. The house is a place of memories for my father, mother, and myself, the dead, and the living. I walk away slowly and face forwards with my head hanging down. Tears slowly make their way down my face, but I wipe them away quickly. I can't cry here. I make it at school and slowly push open the doors. It's silent for some odd reason. I pick my head up and look around. The lights are out except for the hallways, they are making a small path, for a person to follow. I shrug my shoulders and follow the path. I stop at my locker and place my backpack in it and sigh closing it. 

I make my ways slowly down the hallways, I make it to the point where the path ends and a classroom is infront of me. I open the door and I am suddenly tackled down. I feel arms surrounding me and I lay there impassive. I stare the the ceiling, ​I feel a liquid running down my neck and notice somebody has their head buried in my neck crying. It's Ryan's familiar blond and slightly curly hair that brings me back. "Ry-an?" I whisper, and look around. I'm in the gym laying down on my back against a fairly large and squishy mat. "What are you doing?" I whisper. "I heard." was all that he said and his hug tightened. "What did you hear?" I asked baffled, but kept my face impassive.

He lifts his head. "You're mother." he said, I avert my eyes towards the ceiling willing myself not to cry. "Oh." I all I can manage to get out. It takes me a while to notice the weight on my was only getting heavier by the second. A few other people are hugging me also. I don't know any of their names, or recognize them at all. "Get off." I mutter and try to sit up, pushing them all off except for Ryan, he begins to cling onto me, like his life depended on it. "Let me go." I mumble a little louder. "I'm serious Ryan, let me go, I don't need your pity!" I yell and push him off. I stomp away towards the roof of the school and sit down in the shadowy corner. A voice begins to whisper in my ear. "You don't need pity." I hear it. "I don't" I mumble.

I hear people running and shouting throughout the school, searching, for one person. One that didn't even matter, me, one that nobody would care for. Who they wouldn't remember years later after she pulled the trigger, and crimson stained the walls. Her, clothes and everything around her. Just to try and get somebody to notice her, all her pain, her suffering. Her loneliness. Only in the heat of the moment would anybody miss her, seeing a dead body would make anybody cry, no matter if you knew them or not. Only in the heat of the moment will you give something attention.

The door opens and I freeze. "Yuri?" I hear a girls voice ask quietly. She's the quietest person I know. "I know what your going through, I lost my dad before I was born too, and my mother died when I was little." she rasped into the wind her voice low and almost silent. "I know everything your going through." she calls out. Tears leak from my eyes as I hear her continue. "My bother was killed in a gang war, my sister died giving birth to her only child. My grandmother died of old age, and my grandfather in battle. I know. I do know exactly what you are going through." she cries out softly. " Akemi." I sob loudly. She gasps hearing her name. "You're just what your name means. Bright and beautiful." I sob out hugging her tightly. "And you, beautiful lily." she mumbles petting my hair as she tries to soothe me with her words.

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