We never thought

I never thought that I would be me again. I don't want to be alone, my heart beats fast for him, but he crushed it. Slowly, slowly, I hope you pick up the pieces.


4. Alone

"School, it's a horrible place. Nobody knows you or your life. They tease you, bully you, and everything else they can to tear you down. At school we are alone, and forgotten." I walk in the crowded halls of the school, receiving compliments on my navy blue hair. None of them know the aftermath of my navy blue hair. "Just shut up, I don't need anybody." I say in my head. I keep my head down, and make no eye contact. It's been like this for the entire week. I sit in the back of the lass staring off into space, not thinking. just staring. "why can't they understand?" I always ask myself. My science partner is missing. I know what happened to him, or should I say his parents. What kind of parents just shoot themselves and leave their kid alone. Sure he is old enough, but he needs a mothers love, and a fathers acknowledgement. I sigh and go back to staring. "-ri. Yuri! YURI!" I look at the person calling my name. "What?" I whisper. "Pay attention in class, or I will be forced to call your mother." the teacher says. I stand up abruptly and give my science teacher a glare. "Why should you care? You don't pay and damn attention to any of your students, like hell you are going to start now. So piss of!" I yell and storm out of the room.

I can hear the silent room now fill up with chatter. I sigh and walk towards me locker, I enter my combination until it finally opens. I throw my books in, grab my backpack. I close the locker shut and give it a good kick. "stupid locker." I mutter and stalk away. I walk into the office and sign myself out, and walk towards the hospital. I keep my head down and run into somebody. "I'm sorry." I immediately murmur from the ground. "No, I'm sorry. I should of watched where I was going." I hear a familiar voice. I look up and see a hand reached out for me to take. "Oh, it's you Ryan. How is everything going?" I silently ask. He stays quiet for a minute. "I guess everything is fine." he murmurs and looks at me with interest "Isn't school today?" he asks. "I skipped, I'm going to visit my mom today in the hospital." I say. He looks at me and nods. I stand there for a minute debating in my head and look at him. "D-do you want t-to come with m-me?' I stuttered, and he looks at me surprised. "Really you want me to come?" he asks, and I nod. "She would like the company." I say.

He nods again, and we begins walking. "So, why is your mom in the hospital?" Ryan asks. "Hit by a car." I whisper loud enough for him to hear. "Accident?" he asks, and I shake my head not still remembering the sickening laughter of the person who ran her over. "It was no accident. The man who did this knew who she was, and wanted to kill her." I growl. "You want to find him and lock him away?" Ryan asks, and I nod clenching my fists. "How about we go visit your mom, and then we can talk?" he proposes, and I nod. "She's this way." I murmur grabbing his hand, and drag him along. After about fifteen minutes we arrive at the hospital. "Oh Yuri! You're here early." the receptionist says smiling sadly at me, and she looks at Ryan. "Who is that young man?" she asks smirking looking between me and Ryan back and forwards between the two of us. "He's just a friend I ran into." I mutter, and drag Ryan by his wrist towards the elevator towards the third floor. "I always come alone. I'm used to being alone, and so are the nurses. It's a natural everyday occurrence that happens in this small hospital." I murmur.

He looks at me with sad eyes, and hugs me. I stand there frozen, my eyes are widened in shocked. "You're not alone." he whispers in my ear, and tightens his hug. The elevator opens, and he lets me go taking my hands. "Let's go visit your mom." he says smiling at me, and I unfreeze nodding, and walk side by side towards Mom's room. I open the door slowly, and walk in with Ryan. He turns around and closes the door, and walks over the bed where I sit next to Mom. "Is this her?" he asks gently, and I nod. "She lost an arm, I don't know how, but she did. I'm sad about that, and I know I can't do anything about it." I whisper stroking Mom's cheek. "She will wake up, I know it. When the doctors told me about her condition. They also told me hoe her health was before, and it wasn't good." I whisper crying. "Why do you think she didn't tell you?" Ryan asks, and I shrug my shoulders. "I don't know! She always told me everything! She never kept anything from me!" I sob onto the bed side, and Ryan rubs my back. "She promise to never leave me alone, and I promise her the same thing. I want her to wake up, and say everything is alright. She always help me." I cry looking at Mom. I don't want her to be alone either, and I know she is.

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