The story of Thalia Smith

Thalia, Thalia, Thalia the antisocial caterpillar. Butterfly's are social!!
So this is the story of Thalia Smith.
Two things she's learnt in school:
•boys are idiots
•stay in school

Enjoy x


4. chapter 4

Chapter 4

Jonny and I feel asleep, I only realized this at 6:30 am, when my last ‘hurry up and get ready for school’ alarm went. Jonny was still was asleep so I shook him and said

“Jonathon James Smith, get your lazy butt out of bed, we have 20 minutes exactly till we have to leave for school.”

Jonny woke up shortly after. “Oh crap, I forgot.” Jonny said, running out of my room while taking his shirt off.

I on the other hand, went down and ate my waffles with cream, Nutella and strawberries in a record time of 5 minutes. They were so good, like by good I mean flipping amazing.

I run back upstairs and did my teeth, then put on my black skinny jeans, with my white halter neck and my tan combat boots. I quickly grabbed my maroon red sweater and bru, I was out of the house quicker than Greas Lightning.

My book bag and lunch were already packed in the boot, and Jonny was there eating his waffle with syrup and ice-cream. Amy was also already waiting in the car, but as usual, she was reading her latest book and fantasizing what would happen next.

“Calla’s, late like usual” Jonny said dipping his head forward to shake off the ice-cream he had, which was forming a mustache.

“Surprise, surprise” I said loud enough so Will could hear. I heard his faint chuckle afterwards.

Jonny tilt his head towards mine and whispered “What happened last night?”

“Well, Cal asked me to home-coming, you broke up with Riley, and Josh and Dallas are going to home-coming together. So basically I hate my best friend and you do too” I said. It suddenly hit my mind. Who am I going to sit with? Well, I could sit with Jonny and his friends, there’s this really nice girl called Dylan at his table, I could try to make friends with her?

Calla finally gets in the car. She goes on her phone reading all her messages, probably from PP. She then stops and twirls her hair. Oh, no. What is she plotting now?

“Will, you won’t guess what happened to me yesterday?” Calla said, making it sound like it was the end of the world. Here we go again, ‘Calla’s love life’.

Calla started in on her whole long speech about what happened and how Josh’s kiss was ‘the best kiss she has ever had’ and how Dallas is such a slut, because after Josh had kissed her he went her Dallas.

I technically wouldn’t call Dallas that, I would call Josh that. But they can both be sluts, because I hate them, as simple and easy as that. Maybe hate isn’t the right word, I think detest is a better one.

I watched Jonny shrug his shoulders and give me the ‘let’s avoid them today’ look. I couldn’t agree more, so I grabbed my phone and whatsapped him saying

I think we should avoid them too, Can I sit with you at lunch?

His phone beeped and vibrated for my message. This felt good, it felt good to have a brother like Jonny to lean on in tough times. I really needed him now, and he was there. We’re like ‘peaches and cream’ according to our Gram, we just are fit together, you couldn’t match twins much better.

Yeah sis, come sit with me and the jocks. Cal sits with us too.

I was on my phone already so I looked up at Jonny and you just saw him give me a big wink, a big enough one for Calla to notice.

She turned to Jonny and I and said “What is it this time?” like it was a drill for her to be around Jonny and I. Amy was reading her book and suddenly looked with and it was a total ‘Oh No’ moment.

“Calla. Dear little Princess Calla. Can you effing well leave Jonny and Thals alone? You’ve already been such a pain in the ass to the poor people. It makes me think if it your life goal to upset them. Well, here’s a reality check. You’re a bitch” Amy said.

“Take that back immediately!” Calla screamed. But by the time she had said that we had already pulled up in the school parking lot and Amy jumped out the car and she said

“I can’t take it back, because I meant it”.

Calla got out quickly after that and left Jonny and I in the car. We were both gob smacked. Jonny’s mouth was wide open and he just sat there until Will piped up and said

“I would love to just sit here and watch you kids, but I have to go”.

“Thanks Will!” I scream while I’m trying my very best to pull Jonny out of the car with his book bag.

“I…I… I can’t believe that just happened” Jonny said.

“Neither can I, little brother” I said with a grin on my face, because Jonny was only my little brother by five minutes.

We walk our separate ways, but while Jonny walks you can hear all the people whispering about his break up with Riley. It took me a while to realize that this all only happened yesterday.

While my mind was clouded with all of this bull about Jonny, I mistakenly walked into a girl and we both dropped our books out of our book bags. I look up at her and realize I know her, its Piper. She was one of my closest friends when we were younger, but Dallas didn’t like her so she made me choose. I know that’s a bit cheesy. But it’s still true.

She looks up at me a bit hurt, ever since we stopped being friends, she became one of the girls that hide in the bathroom stalls at break. I think she needs a friend now more than ever, and the truth is… I need one too.

“Hi Piper!” I said cheerfully, “long time no see”.

“Hi Thals, it has been a while” she said chuckling. Why she was chuckling, now that was a question. Since, we didn’t end on a very good note.

“Heard ‘bout all the drama. Are you okay?” she asked me. Okay? Okay? Does it look like I’m even remotely okay?

“What drama?” I asked, even though I’m pretty sure that I know about all of it.

“Jonathon, Josh, Dallas, Calla, You” she said.

“The stuff with Josh, Dallas and Calla is already out?” I asked exasperated. I could just feel my face go whiter and whiter. It was mourning or rage. More shock, I think?

“Oh no. You’re not okay.” Piper said, she pulled my hand and we ended up in the bathroom.

“I don’t need to know the story, I need to know if you, Thalia, is okay?” Piper said.

It made me remember when we were younger, stupid and totally inconsiderate. We disregarded everybody and everyone’s feelings. I guess some people just haven’t out grown it.

“I…I…I think I’m fine. Actually no” I said almost crying, but I then broke, “I’m not fine and I haven’t been since yesterday”.

“I thought I could trust her” I said. I could see, the ‘look’ in her eyes saying ‘who’?

“Dallas”, I said, “She broke me, she took Josh” I said. Piper just sat quietly, listening and that’s exactly what I needed right now. Right now, I felt like things were starting to turn out right, finally.

“Thalia, Thals. This is probably the wrong time, but I just have to say it. Oh God. I’m making it sound so melo-dramatic. Anyway, I wish we were still friends.” Piper said.

“I…I…I thought the same thing when I saw you” I said.

“Matter of fact, I think we should still be friends. Extra ordinary, super-duper, best…” I said, starting to recite our old poem we used to say… I just couldn’t finish it.

“Friends” Piper said, finishing off the poem with a great smile.

We walked back to class arms in arms, despite Dallas being in that class.

It was Maths, my favorite. I mean the class of cause. You should have seen the look on Dallas face. She was holding hands with Josh five seconds later. Of course, she was obviously trying to make me jealous, although it wasn’t working this time.

“Why are you young ladies late” Mr. Carson, our Maths teacher said.

“Just a little bathroom delay, I was desperate and I just happened to find Piper there” I said trying to make a good cover up. The teacher laughed, so I think I did pretty well.

“Take your seats girls, we haven’t done much” He said.

I made my way to my seat next to Cal and Dallas. Who was next to Josh. Oh, what fun? Note the sarcasm there, I’m not usually a sarcastic person, but when it comes to the person who ruined your dreams, why wouldn’t you be?

Dallas, throws me a ‘Why are you with her look?’ And I’m happy to say that I completely and utterly ignored it.

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