The story of Thalia Smith

Thalia, Thalia, Thalia the antisocial caterpillar. Butterfly's are social!!
So this is the story of Thalia Smith.
Two things she's learnt in school:
•boys are idiots
•stay in school

Enjoy x


3. chapter 3

Chapter 3

Josh and I are sitting in my bedroom, we sit there silent for about a minute before Josh says

“Listen, Thals. I really like you… your friend Dallas”.

Okay, so Josh likes me, I mean Dallas. What can I do about that?

What can I do ‘bout that

I’m not superman

Not superman

Not superman

Not superman

Nor am I batman

I’m just a plain old human


That, is Dallas and my favorite rap by the band we both, hate, detest, dislike. Its name is Hatcha. Weird right? How can I be talking about the Dallas and I both hate, when the boy I like just admitted to liking her! Yes, I like Josh. That means I’m on the third stage of a relationship. Yes, dah. There are stages:

1. Meeting the guy and starting to get to know him

2. Deny, that you like him.

3. Admitting, you finally realize the truth

4. Flirtation

5. The real truth

6. Dating/getting over that obnoxious guy

And, those my friends are the stages.

I left room and went back to dinner. I couldn’t stay there not after that. It broke, the one bit of self-confidence, I had, is broke because of Josh. Of dammed Josh.

I still get back to the table before everyone else, nobody notices I was gone in the first place. That’s me, the invisible child. Josh comes down shortly after me and walks straight up to Calla, and kisses her. Actually, it wasn’t a kiss, it was a full on snog!

“Get a room!” Jonny said laughing and also discussed at the same time. Amy gives me a “sorry” look. But I feel nothing but hatred for Josh. I know, quite an emotion change, in the last five minutes, that’s girls for you though.

My phone beeped, it was a message for Cal!

Would you, Thalia Jessica Smith. Be my date to home-coming? Cal x

Omg, I have no words. My crush just asked me on to home-coming!

“Dal, I just got asked to home-coming!” I screamed.

“By who?” Amy asked smiling.

“Cal, short for Calum. You know the Aussie guy who just moved here? “I said.

“That’s amazing Thals” Riley said, with one of her fake smiles, that drive Dals absolutely insane. I looked over at Josh, he looked simply furious, but you know what? It felt so good.

“You guys are gonna have to help me pick out my dress” I say looking at Dallas and Amy.

“So, you’re really going to go with that bastard” Josh said angrily.

“Of course, I am going with him… it’s not like anyone else would ask me anyway.” I said, fluttering my eyelashes at him with a gigantic smirk on my face.

I already start to picture the dress in my head. I’m certainly not a girly girl, like Dallas, I prefer black and white. So maybe a black dress, short, definitely NO lace or sparkles. I don’t want it to be too form fitting either. I’m so uncomfortable with my body. I feel like I just don’t look “right” in any dresses.

Dallas and I keep ‘small talk’ the whole time, until, until Riley had her usual “burst out” according to Dallas.

And it goes like this:

“Riley, has Jonathon asked you to home-coming yet?” Calla said with a smirk on her face. She knew perfectly well, he was about to breakup with him.

“Actually, Jonathon has NOT asked me to home-coming” Riley said, emphasizing the NOT part. You could tell that she was furious at him.

“Maybe he hasn’t asked you to home-coming, cause you’re a b with an itch” Dallas said underneath her breath, I thought I was the only one who could hear that, but I was wrong.

“Dallas, that’s not a very nice thing to say about Riley!” Calla said, with a smirk on her face… she was obviously stirring.

“Dallas” Riley shrieked.

“What the hell did you say about me” she said, making it overly dramatic so Jonny rolled his eyes. He does look like he’s sick of her.

“I just said that you’re a b with an itch” Dallas said, so calmly that no one would noticed how freaked out she, except me, her best friend of ten years. I knew she was freaking out.

“Well, Dals is right. You are a bitch. We’re over” Jonny said.

Riley stomped out of our house crying, Dallas was like ‘What the hell have I done’, then she started crying. Jonny was about to run out of his seat, but Josh got there first follow the act of him telling me he liked Dallas. I was full up to the tippty top of my head with jealousy and you could see Jonny and Calla were too.

“Dallas, I know this is a bit odd… but will you be my date for home-coming?” Josh said, with a smirk that looked more like an evil grin on this face.

“Yes, uhh sure I’ll go with you” Dallas said a little hesitant. Jonny, Calla and I all stormed out, leaving Amy and Nick to keep those two ‘lovers’ entertained. This has to have been one of the worst dinners ever.

I run to my room, because I noticed someone on my track and the last time, it was Josh. I personally hate that bastard.

I was lucky, because it was none other than my twin brother. I was also unlucky because he was crying, but at least I was crying with him.

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