Rose and Draco

Harry Potter has a twin sister named Rose and t fist she (Like her brother hated Draco Malfoy) but as time went on she grew to love him and he grew to love her.



2. Present Day


   I walk into the Burrow and embrace Harry "Harry, so good to see you! Happy Christmas!" I say.

   "It's great to see you too. Happy Christmas!" He says embracing me. "Do you want to go outside it's a bit quieter out there." 
 I look around to see all of the Weasleys having fun, talking, playing and just happy see each other. 

"No we can stay here I haven't seen all of them in the same room...ever!" I say as we walk over to the massive sofa and I listen to all of the boy's laughing something I have not heard since before the battle at Hogwarts nearly two years ago. It feels so nice. 

"ROSE!!" exclaims Mrs. Weasley 

"Mrs. Weasley! Good to see you! Happy Christmas!"

"Happy Christmas! Come sit!" 

I walk over to her and sit by her and take a glass of punch when Ron asks me "Rose, where have you been staying since you know...Dumbledore died..."

"RON!" Hermione screamed as she hit him with a book.

"Gee Hermione it's a bloody question I'm just curious!" 

The room fell silent all eyes where one me...even the cat's!

" I'v been staying at Dumbledore's old house. I mean I have lived there basically my whole life," 

"Oh well you should come stay with us at Shell Cottage we have plenty of extra room." says Bill 

"OK sure,"

"Awesome we can talk later." 



Someone taps me on the shoulder and I turn around to find Ginny and Luna motioning for Hermione and I to follow them we get up and run up the stairs to Ginny's room. 

"Glad we saved you?" Ginny asks.

"Yes thank you!' Hermione says.

"Saved me?" I ask 

"Yes right about now they start to talk about politics and and there's that random scream...generally from Ron."

I laugh and say "OK now what do we do?"

"Well that really depends last year we talked and played games like wizards chess." says Luna

"But I snatched some cookies from Mum's safe," Ginny says smiling, "I got cards."

"I'm in get the cookies we are playing poker!"

I deal the cards and the game begins. 









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