Rose and Draco

Harry Potter has a twin sister named Rose and t fist she (Like her brother hated Draco Malfoy) but as time went on she grew to love him and he grew to love her.

There will be some language and some other things later on and featured throughout the story


5. I Realize It Now

Draco, just said that he wanted to date me, after all he has it bad I kind of wanted to date him head is filled with confusion.

"Wait so after all you have done, after all the times I hurt you or you hurt me, you want me to forget all of that and date you?"



"What it's just the truth."

"You don't get it though."

"What don't I get?"
"I don't know how you, go from hating me and my brother, to saving my ass at Godrick's Hollow, now asking me to date you! It's a lot to take in after waking up from being in the cold." Draco keeps walking towards me, I keep backing up. "Draco what are you doing?" I stumble on chairs and desks then I hit a wall, he puts his arm beside my head and starts to lean in to my face. "Draco. STOP. Now. Please..."

"Are you scared Rose?" That was the first time he ever said my same I can't move. I frozen in fear. He gets so close I can feel his chest rising and falling as he breathes.

"Draco..." I stop fighting it and I let him kiss me. I was a sort kiss but it felt like time stopped. 

"Feel better?"

I nod my head as I try to refocus. He walks over to the door and turns the handle. "Wait your leaving?"

"Yea. I have things to do."

"Ok...what about going to get my wand?"

"I almost forgot." He lifts up his shirt I get a quick glimpse of his abs he pulls his wand out from his pants. "don't worry it was not in my underwear. Just easier than keeping it in my pocket.

"I'm not worried."

"Good now come here." i walk over to him and grabs my waist and pulls me close. I tense up and next thing I know we are in Godrick's Hollow. I look for my wand, when I find it I look at Draco (NOT PART OF DA STORY THIS IS FYI *when anything is italic it means they are thinking it*) Should I kiss him? No rose don't do it just wave and apperate out of here and back to Dumbledore's I do what i was thinking then run into my room and just get lost in my thoughts


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