Rose and Draco

Harry Potter has a twin sister named Rose and t fist she (Like her brother hated Draco Malfoy) but as time went on she grew to love him and he grew to love her.



3. Discussions, Discussions, Discussions

 We finish our card game just in time, we go down stairs and dinner is ready. I sit next to Harry who doesn't even notice I'm there no one does but I sit and listen to the conversations but I'm confused through most of it. 

"She needs a proper home," says Charlie

"I already asked her if she would like to stay with me and Fleur" says Bill

"She's 19 she can live on her own Bill," says Mr. Weasley

"But she could be unstable," 

I finally who they are talking about, me...I stand up grab my coat and run out the door. 

"They are deciding my fate, where I'm going to live..." I say to myself I take out my wand and apperate to the Three Broomsticks. 

When I get there I sit down order a butter beer and just cry, I haven't cried since Dumbledore died but I had never thought the Weasley's would do something like that. Once my butter beer arrives I just stare at it for a while I didn't even notice that Malfoy sat down next to me.

"Why so glum Potter?"

"Not in the mood Malfoy."

 "Well why let a perfectly good butter beer go to waste," he reached for the butter beer but before he can grab it I grab a butter knife and grab his hand getting closer and closer to his hand. "ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT!!" He screams.

"That's what I thought,"

"So what are you doing here on Christmas eve when you could be with the other Potter?"

"I could ask you the same thing."

"I'll tell you if you tell me first,"

"Then I guess we both don't get what we want." I pick up my butter beer and walkout the door.

I apperate to Dumbledore's house I just walk into his room and stare at his picture. I look at all of his pictures and a flush of memories come back to me. I never really had a birthday party and when it was my birthday I would go to Godricks Hollow and sit with my parents, well the grave and I would tell them about everything that's going on. But I didn't want to be alone today and I went there and just sat there like I used to and I fell asleep.



When I wake up I'm not at my parents grave, I'm in a room, an unfamiliar room. I look around I see a big painting I look at it and realize where I am, The Malfoy's house.













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