Forgive forget the bad side


2. the first day

One day cc was going to her looker and on her way she bumped into this said oh sorry my name is Sierra but you can call my cc.the girl said oh hi my name is Aryana but you can call my Ary.What class are you going to Aryana said um I am going to math class what class are you going to?Aryana said math class said good cuz I don't know where it is.Arana said lol fallow me.After cc Ann's Aryana left class Aryana said I have to go sorry I have glee club.CC said it ok see you later.Aryana said see you at lunch.then CC left to look for someone to take to.4 minute later CC bunt into this girl CC looked up and the girl look down and said whach where your going.the girl said Oh you are the new girl right.CC said yes I am my name is and just before CC can say her name the girl said CC ya I know my name is venessa.

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