The Guy

Have you heard of the sick twisted thing that is Bullying? Well, Ashton and his gang are no exception.Bullying a teenager that has a hard life as it is.but,is Ashton really a mean person or is he just scared to love someone?has no one ever taught him what love is?Will he find out what love is because of his victim?

If interested keep reading.������������

Reader discretion is advised.
There is self harm and starvation to self and suicidal thoughts in this book.if you are sensitive don't read.
There was a fair warning.
Now Enjoy������������


13. Chapter 12: Time

Michael (P.O.V)

M: "Ashton you need to give her time." I said. He needs to give her time. You can't just beat someone up and then five minutes later go up to them and act all nice.

A: "No, Mikey I need to say sorry. I can't...I can't afford to lose her." He said. His voice cracking a bit.

M: "just give her time atleast two days. She needs time to think and also there are Finals tomorrow so she needs to focus. Just give her time."

A: "Fine. By the way I'm probably going to fail that final."

M: " you do realize if you don't pass they'll give you a math tutor."

A: " ugh,I hope it's someone I like."

M: "I know you will."

A: "how do you know?"

M: "let's just say I know about the whole math tutor thing."

A: "okay. I still can't stop thinking about her. Well,bye"

M: " bye"

Ashton is going to love his Math tutor.

A/n: Sorry for the crappy chapter. I promise I will try harder next time. Wouldn't want to let you guys down.

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