On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


16. You killed them

They stood like that for a long time, as close as two people can get, his forehead lightly pressed against hers, his hands stroking her back.
 "Are you okay Anna ? I couldn't bear if I have hurt you in any way". He held her at an arms lengt, looking at her with worry in his beautiful eye.
 Anna smiled lovingly cupping his cheek with her hand. "You didn't, not in any way and I am more than okay sweetie".
 "I am so happy to hear that. And sorry about your panties. A shame, I kind of liked them". He smiled sheepishly and picked up something from the floor.
 "You killed them". She said indignantly, looking at the torn fabric, then throwing them into the paper bin.
 He chuckled, lifting her gently down from the table, kissing her forehead. Then he liftet his left hand, the broken handcuffs still on his wrist. "Could you please get this off now ?"
 She looked at the handcuffs, the cuff that had been on his right wrist where broken. She turned to get the key from her nightstand, but then she spotted her bed, turning towards him again. "My God Tom, is there anything you didn't break ?"
 "Whoops sorry. Good thing I didn't break you". He was looking at the broken headboard, a bashfull look on his face.
 Anna couldn't help it, she started chuckling uncontrollably and he looked at her confused. "What is so funny ?"
 "I just imagined having to explain that to my parents". She grabbed the handcuff key and went over to free him.
 He was rubbing his wrist absent mindedly then said. "It might get just a bit awkward. Let me take a look at it".
 He put on his boxershorts and jumped onto the bed to examine the damage, two rods had been ripped from the headboard, but luckily not broken.
 "Ta da, now nobody is going to notice". He had, with a bit of trouble, gotten the rods back in the holes and you had to be close to se the damage.
 Anna had put on new panties and a T-shirt. "Thank you, you saved me from a rather embarrassing conversation with my father".
 He smiled. "I guess it was the only right thing to do, as I was the one who broke it in the first place".
 "I might have had just a tiny bit to do with that though". She smiled and winked at him.
 "You can say that again miss, you might look all sweet and innocent, but the kitty got sharp claws". His fingers trailing a scratch she had left on his chest.
 Anna blushed but answered teasingly. "And you are one to talk ? What was that about, I thought you were always so polite and gentleman like. That dark side with probably scare some of your fans".
 "I'm happy if I just didn't scare you". He whispered, pulling her into his arms. She looked up at him, shaking her head, her lips finding his in a soft kiss.
 He looked at his watch sighing. "Well I better get going, back to my lonely hotel room".
 "Don't be silly Tom, you can stay here, if you want to ?" Suddenly she felt uncertain, would he want to stay for the night ?
 She hadn't needed to worry, as his face lit up in a huge smile. "There is nothing I want more".
 He picked her up and gently carried her to the bed, tucking her gently in and then sliding down next to her, pulling her close. "Goodnight my beautiful".
 "Night Tom, sleep well". She turned off the light, pushing herself as close to him as she could, sighing contently and slipping into at deep happy sleep.


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