On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


23. You drive me crazy

 They walked to the hotel closely intertwined. Anna send her mother a text, saying she was sleeping at Tracy's. She didn't really knew why she was lying.
 Tom nodded to the receptionist and led her to the elevator. When he pushed the top button and the doors closed he turned toward her. "I know I already told you, but you look absolutely amazing tonight".
 She felt herself blush, the way he was looking at her made her inside heat up. "Thank you, you certainly know how to make a woman feel special".
 "You are special darling". He grabbed her face gently, kissing her passionately, and he didn't stop when the elevator did, he just swept her into his arms, walking down the hallway and opening the door, never breaking their kiss.
 Inside the room, he gently sat her down, breaking their lips apart. Anna looked around. "Wow this is the most amazing hotal suite I have ever seen".
 "Oh do you often find yourself in a gentlemans hotel suite ?" He asked teasingly.
 Anna punched his shoulder pouting. "He he very funny. No normally we never get farther than the elevator".
 "You don't say, but all those other gentleman, can they make tou feel like this ?" He grabbed her, crashing into her, his kiss almost devouring her.
 His mouth moving to her ear and in between little bites and kisses, he was whispering in her ear, his voice deep and throaty, dripping with passion. It was some franch poem, and she didn't understand the words, but his voice was enough to make her dizzy and weak in the knees.
 "That's so not fair Tom". She was breathing heavily, trying to get a hold on herself, she both loved and hated the effect he had on her.
 "I never promised fair, but I have to make sure that you never want to go to another mans hotel room again". He said grinning.
 She didn't say anything, but she suddenly realised that if their relationship didn't work out, she would be in trouble and probably end up an old spinster, how could any other man ever be good enough compared to him ?
 Tom pulled of his jacket, throwing it on a chair, gallantly taking her jacket as well. "Is there anything I can get you ?"
 "Yes you". She let her hands glide up and unlocked the chain holding up her dress, letting it flow slowly to the floor.
 Tom swallowed, letting his eyes slowly glide up her body, drinking her in, his tongue running over his bottom lip.
 Anna looked at him pretending to be scared. "You are to going to eat me, are you ?"
 "But yes I am, all of you". He was at her like a lion on its prey, gathering her in his arms, his mouth everywhere on her neck and shoulders.
 He put her gently down on the bed, pulling of his T-shirt, throwing it aside. Letting his long fingers cares her hand, slowly going up,her arm. He reached her collarbone and she sighed deeply, she fe like his fingers were leaving a burning trail on her skin.
 "What have I done to deserve such a beautiful and amazing woman". He was looking into her eyes, his gaze so full of warmt and love she fe herself tearing up from happiness.
 "Just from being you". She grabbed him, kissing him with an intensity that almost scared herself, her hands all over him. But he gently pushed her away.
 She was looking at him confused, but he smiled, letting a finger caressingly run along her jaw. "Shh be still my love, tonight I will relish all of you".
 His hands slowly making there way over her body, his thumbs brushed her nipples through the thin lace of her bra and she moaned softly.
 "Oh Tom". She closed her eye, concentrating on the feel of his soft lips on her inner thigh. She could feel him smiling agains her skin, as he kissed his way up . And when he kissed her through her silk panties she thought she might faint.
 He glided his hands under her body and up her back to her bra, she arched her back, making it easier for him to unclasp it. Letteing the bra fall to the floor.
 His capable hands were on her breasts, caressing them, teasing her, he knew excatly how muche pressure she could take, and she was panting hard.
 He was gently sucking on her nipple, letting his hands slowly glide over her, leving her panties on the floor.
 His lips travelling down over her stomach, she was writhing underneath him, he grabbed her by the hips holding her. "Be still darling, enjoy the ride".
 When his varm mouth reached her most sensitive spot, she had to bide into his pillow not to scream out, she couldn't move, as he was still holding her hips pinned to the bed, and it was driving her crazy.
 Never had she felt anything so intense, she couldn't think a coherent thought, they were all that existed, her intire body humming with pleasure.
 She grabbed his hair, pulling him to her, her voice raw and wanting. "If you do not fuck me right now Tom, I will go crazy".
 "Shh love, do you kiss me with that mouth ? And no I wont fuck you, but I will make love to you". Seconds later his pants were on the floor, and he was entering her almost painfully slow.
 Their other times together had been fantastic and passionated and she hadn't thought it could get any better, but this was so different, so slow and sensual and utterly phenomenal.
 Anna threw her head back, he was thrusting slow but deep, and she could feel every inch of him, she fe like the universe was rotating around them, and she was constantly right on the edge, about to fall, and then he stopped, pulling her back to him, the pushing her rigth to thedge again.
 Toms moaning deepened and she knew he couldn't hold back much longer, she threw her legs around him, letting her hands grab his ass, pushing her hips up to meet him, wanting him deeper and closer.
 He moved faster now and then her entire world exploded in stars and colour, as wave after wave of intense pleasure rolled over her, she heard Tom growling her name and then everything went black.

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