On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


56. With Loki in a trailer

 Shortly after Tom came back, or to be honest Loki did, it wasn't just they way he looked, but his whole way of carrying himself and his movements, it was like watching a whole different person.
 "Wow Tom, it is amazing what some make-up and a costume can do". She looked at him admiringly.
 He sent her a condescending look "I do not know who this Tom person is, I am Loki of Jotunheim and I am burdened with glorious purpose".
 Anna couldn't help but laugh, Tom tried to look very insulted, men then he cracked up and started to laugh to, being just Tom in a costume again.
 She put her arms around him, kissing him gently, not to mess up his make-up. "Hmm it's a little like kissing someone else but it is allowed".
 "If you just keep it to kissing me and Loki I think I can live with it". He said with a smile, Anna felt her cheeks getting red and she had to look away.
 "You better get on set, you can't keep them waiting". She let go of him, wanting to change the subject.
 He grabbed her hand, pulling her with him. "Come on, it will be fun, and it is okay for you to watch".
 They went to a big building looking like an aircraft hanger, they were shooting inside today, when they stepped inside they were meet by a booming voice. "Welcome to Asgaard lady Anna".
 "Hi Thor, uh I mean Chris". Chris was came grinning toward them in full Thor outfit and pulled Anna in to a crushing hug.
 "Ugh Chris you are crushing me". Anna said grinning, and he let her go, padding her on the head.
 He turned to Tom. "I see you brought me my impossible brother, it seems I am in need of him".
 "He is all yours, just bring him back in somewhat usable shape". She said and winked at Tom, who beamed at her.
 Anna thought it was amazing to watch the filming, and she got a new respect for their job, when she saw how little they had to work with, a lot would be put in with cgi later.
 When they where done filming, she said hallo to Natalie Portman who was playing Thors girlfriend, she seemed very nice and Anna liked her, especially after she told her favorite moment of the movie so far was slapping Tom really hard.
 "That costume looks really difficult to get out of". They were back in Toms trailer and Anna was fiddling with one of the straps in his outfit.
 He grabbed her, pulling her into him and said in a teasing voice. "Why don't you try and see ?"
 "I don not thing my boyfriend like me undressing strange men". She said with a playful smile.
 His Loki smile spred on his face. "I am a god and you will do as I command you woman".
 His voice made her skin warm and tinglish and she started to very slowly take of his costume, caressing and kissing every inch of his skin as it was exposed.
 When he was standing in only his black leather pants, he grabbed her, kissing her greedily, his breathing already strained and his voice hoarse. "I love you Anna".
 "I love you to". She clang to him, her hands all over his warm skin, the feel of him was soothing to her torn soul.
 He lifted her up nto his arms, made sure the trailer was locked and carried her to the couch, sitting down with her straddling him.
 She entangled her hands in his long hair, pulling his face to her, kissing him sincerely, his hands ran up her back and seconds later her shirt was on the floor.
 Her bra followed shortly and he bent his head to let his tongue teasing play with her nipples, Anna closed her eyes moaning and gasping.
 Her long skirt had ridden up around her waist, and the feel of the leather against her tights was arousing, she lifted herself up on her knees, pulling on his pants, he liftet himself a little, letting her discharge of them.
 She couldn't wait any longer, simply pulling her panties aside, letting herself slide fully onto him in one smooth motion, he gasped and burried his face at her neck.
 Anna moved slowly up and down, the feel of him inside her blocked all thoughts, and she relished just feeling, enjoying and not having to think for ones.
 She was teasing him, taking him right to the edge, then stopping, kissing his face, his mouth and his neck, enjoying the taste of him and the feeling of his hands on her body.
 He was groaning and his eye were dark and hea y with desire as he bid his lip, then he sent her a mischievous smile before letting his mouth find her nipples.
 Her nipples were sensitive and his caresses very getting increasingly intense,  on the verge of getting painful and her body was begging for release.
 When she felt his whole body tense, and heard him panting against her skin, itbwas her undoing, and she bit his shoulder tomkeep from screaming out her orgasm, while her body was kramping around him.
 He was holding her close, stroking her hair, whispering into her ear. "You are simply amazing Anna".
 "You are not bad yourself". She said lovingly, snuggleling her face into his neck, how could she ever contemplate hurting this wonderful man ?
 "Is it okay I wait outside ? I could do with some fresh air". Anna asked smiling at him.
 Tom was pulling on a pair of jeans. "Of course darling, I just get the costume together and remove the make-up".
 She walked out the trailer, breathing in the fresh air, she straightened her skirt and tried to smoothen her hair a bit, she knew she was looking were much like someone who just had sex in a trailer.
 She was smiling happily at herself, then she got the feeling of being watched, she looked up, Zachary was standing by his trailer starring at her, an unreadable look on his handsome face.
 She was about the lift her hand tomgreat him, but he just turned and walked away fast, leaving her confused.

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