On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


3. Will he call

 The ride home was uneventful, Anna smiled to herself as she put Sunburst out to pasture with her moms mares. It had been so nice to se Tom again, but she didn't think he would really call, he was a busy movie star and she was, just Anna.
 She went in to the big kitchen, her mother just finishing up breakfast. Her mother looked up. "Morning darling, did you have a good ride ?"
 "It was eventful if nothing else, and you never guess who I met ?" She grabbet a slice of bacon wolfing it down.
"Manners darling". Her mother put the last food on the table. "Now gomget your father in the garden and then you can tell all about what happened".
 10 minutes later they were all seated at the table eating a delicious breakfast, Annas mother looked at her. "Now darling, tell us about you eventful ride".
 "You know Sunburst can be a bit of a scaredy cat right, and she panicked when a horde of medieval soldiers popped out of the fog, my reins broke and she bolted". Anna said stuffing her mouth with scrambled eggs.
 Her mother looked shocked, her father asking her. "But you are okay hon ?How did you stop her ?"
 She shook her head, smiling secretly. "I didn't, I was saved by a prince on a white stallion".
 Both her parents stopped eating, looking at her like she might be crazy, and her mother said. "Excuse me dear, what ?"
 "Do you remember my friend Emma ? Emma Hiddleston ? Her and her family moved away like 12 years ago. Her brother Tom, you know he is an actor now, they where filming some medieval thing, and he rode up and grabbed the rains". Anna told.
 "I remember the Hiddlestons, such a nice family". Her mother said smiling. "And Tom was such a sweet boy, always a gentleman and apparently he stil is".
 "A good thing he was there, I hope you remembered to thank him properly ?" Her father said eyeing her.
 Anna hopped of her chair and began to clean out the table. "Of course I did, I am a proper lady ain't I ?"
 Her father chuckled, her mother, helping her cleaning the table, looked thoughtful, then asked. "Didn't you use to have a big crush on Tom ? I remember you crying when he went to eton".
 "Mooom, you're not supposed to remember such things, but yeah I guess I was a little smitten with him back then". Anna laughed feeling her face getting a bit red.
 "You didn't ask him out on a date ?" Her father grinned at her, and she slapped his shoulder, feeling slightly embarrassed. "No dad, and by the way, he is a famous actor now, even if he is not totally full of himself he would never look in my direction".
 Her father grabbed her hand, now suddenly very serious. "Now Anna darling, don't sell yourself short, you might not be famous yet, but you are very beautiful both inside and out".
 "Ah dad, you big sweetheart, but you are my daddy you have to say that". She pulled her dad in to a big bear hug.
 She went up to her room to write on her novel, thinking about how sweet her parents was, they always supported her, even letting her move back home to write on her novel. Even though it might be a bit embarrassing being 27 years old and living with your parents.
 She had been writing for a couple of hours and just finished a chapter when her phone rang, she looked at the display, it said "unknown caller", could it really be him ?
 She picked up the phone, for some reason getting a bit of butterflies in her stomach. "Anna speaking".
 "Hi Anna, It's Tom. Sorry I couldn't call earlier, but we just finished shooting for today. I hope you made it home alright". His voice sounded happy but tired.
 She smiled, he really did call. "Hi Tom. Yes I got home no trouble, and thank you so much again, I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't been there. Hope you didn't get in to much trouble".
 "No need to keep thanking me, everybody would have done the same. No not to much, the director might not have been my biggest fan right there, but he'll forgive me". He answered.
 Anna got nervous al of a sudden, he was famous, a big star, what should she say ? But then she remembered, he was also Tom, whom she had known a long time, even though she hadn't seen him for many years. "So you are back here to shoot a movie ?"
 "Yeah, just started 4 days ago, gonna be here for about 6 weeks. It is really nice to be back". He stifled a yawn.
 "You better get some rest, you sound really tired". She was sad to end their chat already, but he sounded like he needed a nap.
 He chuckled. "Yeah, I might be a bit worn out, we started filming 6 am, and before that make up, hair and wardrobe, so it was an early morning".
 "Sleep tight then, it was nice catching up a bit, give all my love to Emma and the rest of your family and good luck with the movie". Anna was ready to hang up the phone.
 "Wait a minute Anna, your not gonna get rid of me this easy. What do you say, dinner tonight ? A chance to,really catch up". He asked her, she could hear he was smiling.
 She couldn't help but smile back. "That would be great, of course I would love to. But promise me you get some rest first".
 "I promise, I pick you up at 7, would that be okay ?" He aked. "That would be perfekt. Now go to bed". She answered.
 "Yes ma'am. Se you later". He hang up. Anna just sat there looking at her phone for 5 minutes, she had a datem okay not a date date, but stil, with Tom Hiddleston, she needed to get ready.

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