On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


34. Welcome to London

 They chatted they whole way to London, especially about which kind of dress Anna should get for the premiere, Anna thought it were difficult to choose, she wanted Tom to be proud to have her on his arm and didn't wanted the dress to be either to dul or to much.
 "I am actually glad, that I is not me who have to find such a dress, I would probably way over do it and then get embarrassed when I am on all the worst dressed lists". Tracy said.
 Anna could just imagine her friend showing up in so ething very bright and very low cut.
 Finally the gps told them that they had arrived at the address Tom had given her. It was an older 3 story town house in greyish brown bricks with a low wall in front and white windows, Anna loved it right away.
 They parked the car and Anna rang the doorbell, it only took Tom a few seconds the tear open the door, and Anna suspected he had been waiting.
 "Anna darling, oh how I have missed you". He pulled her into his arms, holding her as tight as possible.
 She sighed contently, it was so good to see him, to hear his voice for real and to feel his body against hers. "I missed you to my love".
 He kissed her gently and then turned to Tracy, hugging her frindly. "Welcome Tracy".
 "Thanks Tom and congrats on the house, I am looking forward to the tour". Tracy said smiling.
 "Let me just get your backs and then I can give you the grand tour". He went to the car and got out their suitcases.
 When they entered the house, Tom put down their suitcases in the hallway and took Annas hand. "Come on, let me give you the tour first".
 On the first floor, there was a kitchen in french country style, a dining room, a toilet and a tv room. In the tv room 3 of the walls were floor to ceiling book cases, filled with books. 
 The last wall had a big fireplace and over that a giant flatscreen, in the middle of the room there was a large u shaped couch and a table.
 Behind the house was a terrace and a quite large garden, a lot larger than Anna had expected. "Wow Tom this is beautiful".
 "Isn't it ? It was the first thing I fell in love with when I saw the house". He said smiling happily.
 The garden was narrow but long, first part was a lawn, but then it gave away to flower patches, small paths and a little pond with the most romantic bench next to it. It was all hidden by a tall hedge.
 The second floor of the house held the master bedroom, an bathroom and a small office, witch was allso filled with books.
 The top floor had two smaller bedrooms, another bathroom and a storage room. The entire house were cosy in a romantic style with a modern twist.
 "You did quite good Hiddles, I didn't know your had a hidden decoration talent". Tracy said teasingly.
 Tom chuggled. "I can't really take credit for much of it, my baby sister and Luke did most of the decoration".
 Anna thought that they knew Tom very well, the house was very much Tom, and she told him. "It really fits you".
 He gentlymput his arm around him. "I am happy as long as you like it. Do you like it ?"
 "I really do, and I can't wait to try out that big tub in the main bathroom". She smiled and kissed him lovingly.
 "Hey you two, I know you have missed each other, but could you please go to the bedroom first". Tracy said laughing.
 Anna pulled away from Tom, her cheeks turning red, she didn't want her friend to feel like the third wheel. "Whoops sorry".
 "Let us get your suitcases to your rooms, so you can unpack". Tom grabbed both suitcases. He put Annas in his own bedroom and Tracys in the biggest of the spare bedroom.
 "I cleared this dresser and the left side of the closet for you. If you unpack, I have some tea ready when you are done. We can go over my plans for the week". He kissed her and went downstairs.
 About 10 min later Tracy cane into the bedroom and help Anna finish up, she looked around and said. "Wow he look like he is all ready for you to move in here".
 Anna felt kind of funny, she wasn't quite sure she was ready everything back at home to move to London, even though it wasn't so far away. "I think you are reading to much into it".
 They went down to the kitchen, Tom had put two cups of tea and some cookies on the counter, they sat on the stools on the dining room side. tom was standing in the kitchen cup in his hand.
 "I hope it is okay that I have made some plans, but else you just say it". He smiled at them.
 They both nodded and Anna answered. "Fine with me, only thing I have to do before friday is dress shopping".
 "I though we could go for a walk tonight and then dinner, if you are not to tired". He looked at them questioningly.
 "Not to tired at all". Tracy said with a big smile on her face and Anna nodded in agreement.
 Tom smiled. "Great, tomorrow I have some promotion work until late afternoon, and I thought you could go dress shopping and take a look around town". 
 "You don't happen to know a great place to find a suitable dress do you ?" Anna asked winking at him.
 "Do not worry darling, that is already taken care off". He said with a crooked smile and Anna was worried what he had planned.
 Tom took a big swing of his cup. "I'll have dinner ready when younget back home. Wednesday I am free, so if it is okay with you, I would love to show you my favourite places".
 "I am looking forward to that". Anna said lovingly, she wanted to learn everything about him and what he normally did in his free time.
 "And Thursday I have some promotion again, so you are free to domwhat you like, but I got the evening free and a friend is having a small party I you care to join me". Tom said.
 Tracy and Anna was looking at each other smiling happily, it was going to be a great week in London.


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