On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


30. "We have to talk"

"Oh my God Anna, he is so sweet". Tracy turned off the TV and looked over at Anna smiling.
 "Jah, but now the whole world knows and then what ? Is there going to be even more hate on the net. He should be more cautious". Anna said, happiness bubbling in her stomach.
 Annas phone buzzed again, it was Tom this time. > Are you home honey ? I need to talk to you <
 > I can be home in 30 min, I am with Tracy < She answered, her tummy knotting up, he sounded so serious.
 It didn't take him long to answer. > That's fine, then I will se you there darling <
 Tracy was looking questioning at her and she said. "I got to go Tracy, It was Tom, he will be at my parents in halv an hour to talk".
 "No Anna, do not do that, I can practically see your brain connection the dots wrong, the man just confessed his love on national TV, he is not about to break up with you". Tracy looked at her sternly.
 She sighted. "It just sounds so serious when people write that they need to talk to you. It was exactly what Peter wrote".
 "Haven't we established long ago that Tom is nothing like Peter ?" Tracy crossed her arms.
 "Yes Tracy, you are right, I am just being silly. But I have to go if I want to get home before he arrives. Thank you for all your help". Anna hugged her best friend before leaving for her car.
 When she walked in the front dor, Tom was already there, talking to her parents, whom looked very worried. 
 Her mother came over to hug her. "Oh my little baby, I am so happy Tom was there to save you".
 "Me to mom, but don't worry, I am fine now". She smiled reassuringly to her mother.
 Her father padded Tom on the back and hugged Anna fiercely. "I never really liked that Peter guy".
 "I know daddy, I know. Is it okay if Tom and I go upstairs? We need to talk about something". Anna went upstairs, Tom following her silent.
 She went to her room, she could feel her stomach tightening into a knot again despite of Tracys reminders. Hadn't Tom seemed so distant, he hadn't kiss her or hugged her, maybe she was to much drama to deal with.
 Tom closed the door and put all of her nagging thoughts to shame, when he put his arms around her, pulling her close. "Sweet sweet Anna, are you alright ?"
 "Yes Tom, but more important, are you okay ?" She looked at him with concern, cupping his cheek with her hand.
 He closed his eyes, leaning into her touch. "Yes darling, I am quite alright, they were nice enough at the station. I don't think they really believed Peters story".
 "And what was that stunt you pulled at the press conference ? What did Luke think about that ?" She playfully slapped his shoulder.
 He reached up, scratching his neck, before he answered. "Actually it was Lukes idea, he thought it would be a good way to give the history a positive twist".
 She felt a smal stab in her heart, he had only said it because Luke told him to. "Oh okay".
 "Stop it Anna, I can see the wheels turn in your pretty little head. I meant every word, and I did not just say it because Luke told me to". He held her by her shoulders, his eyes burning into hers.
 She felt her uncertainty melt away under his gaze, his eye were so easy to read and she wasn't at all in doubt of his sincerity.
 "I'm so sorry, it's just me being silly, you just made me so nervous with the, we need to talk message". She rested her head on his chest.
 He cleared his throat, fiddling with his hands. "But we do have to talk, I am finished filming, originally I had a week of and I wanted to stay, but Luke want me back in London tomorrow for interviews and damage control, I have to leave before lunch".
 "Oh I see, of course, that makes sense". Anna said, she tried to sound happy, but she could feel her inside crumbling in pain.
 "I am so sorry Anna, I would prefer to stay here with you". He rested his forehead against hers.
 She let a hand run through his curly hair. "It's okay Tom, you have to think about your career, and we see each othe in less than two weeks at the premier".
 "I nearly can't wait". He kissed her gently and she closed her eyes, trying to savour the feel and taste of him.
 Tom fell to his knee and she felt panic build, what was he doing ?  "Anna would you do me the honours of spending my last night here with me ?"
 She pushed him, making him fall on his back, apparently he found his joke were amusing, as he was laughing so much he nearly couldn't breathe.
 She frowned. "Fuck Tom, you nearly scared me to dead. But yes if we go back to the hotel. It just don't feel rigth to sleep here with my parents home".
 "You should have seen you face darling". He was drying tears of laughter from his eye, if it hadn't been his last night there, she would have kicked him out.
 He pulled himself together. "The hotel is fine with me, but I have to warn you, there will still be some press hanging around, are you up to that ?"
 "It's okay, I probably should get used to it, I guess that is a part of dating Tom Hiddleston". She sais winking at him.
 They went downstairs to say goodbye to her parents, she was wondering if they would object to her spending the night with Tom, but theynjustnsmiled and bid them goodnight.
 When they got into the car, he looked at her curiously. "What would you have answered, if I actually had proposed to you ?"
 She could feel her heart beating faster and her hands getting sweaty, but she didn't let him see, instead she answered with a crooked smile. "That ! You wil never know".

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