On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


29. Villian or hero

 Anna choose not to go home, instead she walked to Tracys apartment, where she rang the door, tears streaming down her face. Tracy buzzed her in rigt away.
 When Anna entered the apartment Tracy looked horrified at Annas beat up and bloated face. "Oh my Good Anna, what has happened".
 "I fucked up Tracy, real bad, it is all my fault". Anna started sobbing again, and Tracy gently put her arm around her, leeding her to the couch.
 "Sit here honey, I'll go make us some tea, and then you tell me everything". Tracy hurried out in the kitchen.
 Anna sat down, and when Tracy returned with steaming hot tea, she told her everything about last evening and what had just happened at the hotel.
 "Fuck that ass hat, I always knew he was an idiot". Tracys face was bright red with anger.
 "But now Tom is at the station, what if they press charges ? What if it ruins his career ? It is all my fault". Anna sobbed and Tracy moved clooser to put an arm around her.
 Tracy stroked her hair. "It's gonna be alright sweetie, he hasn't done anything wrong, the truth will come out".
 They finished their tea and Anna got the stupid idea to go online and see if there was anything new on the case, but she regretted it almost right away.
 It was everywhere and most places the story was totally upside down and filled with lies, saying se was at fault and that Tom stole her away from Peter.
 "Oh Tracy, they are writing so many bad things about me and about Tom. He never wants to see me again after this, and I don't blame him". She his her face in her hands.
 Tracy putbher hand on her shoulder. "I don't believe that for a second, he loves you, and you are going to get through this together".
 Anna walked over and slumbed down on the couch, but Tracy remained at the computer. "Hey the video just up loaded on youtube, is it okay if I watch it ?"
 Anna nodded and Tracy clicked on the video, watching it again and again. "To bad they didn't start filming a little earlier, but that was hell of a punch Tom gave him".
 Something dawned on Anna. "Tracy there is a bank next to the pub, maybe their security camera caught something".
 "Lets go down to the police station, they can get access to that tape and hopefully see the truth". Tracy grabbed her jacket.
 Anna looked scared. "I can't go Tracy, the press will be all over the place and they know my face".
 "It's okay sweetie, I'll go and talk to them, the press won't care about me". She put on her shoes and hurried out the door.
 Anna paced the floor for nearly an hour getting more and more nervous, then she heard the door open, and nearly tackled Tracy running out there. "What did they say ?"
 "Relax Anna, it is going to be okay. They are watching the tape now and I talked to Toms manager Luke, he is down at the station, he has gotten hold of some witnesses who saw what happened in the bar". Tracy kicked of her shoes.
 Anna breathed deeply. "Thank you so much Tracy, I don't know, what I should have done without you".
 "No problem, Peter is a giant ass, and I am only happy to help both you and Tom". She sat down on the coach.
 About an hour later Annas phone buzzed, it was her father and only said. "Honey if you are not watching BBC then turn on the telly".
 Anna jumped up grasping the remote turning on the TV, finding BBC, they were filming outside the police station, breaking news flashing at the bottom of the screen.
 Now the door opened and Tom came out, the police direktor on one side, a slight man in a grey suite about Toms age at the other side, It had to be Luke.
 The police director went up on a podium, tapping the microphone to get everyones attention, when everyone was quiet he started talking.
 "We have been looking into accusations of aggrevated violence against Mr Tom Hiddleston, and after talking to witnesses and reviewing video evidence, it is quite clear that Mr Hiddleston is the hero in this ordeal, sawing the young lady from a really bad experience, and there will be no lawsuit".
 Anna felt a stone drop from her heart and she beamed at Tracy, who returned the happy smile. "What did I say sweetie ?"
 Now Tom walked up on the podium, looking handsome as always and very collected. "I just wanted to thank the police for their fast and professional handling of this unfortunate case and I am so sorry for all the trouble it has cost".
 Tom was about to walk back down, when one of the journalists yelled. "Tom, Tom how does it feel to be a real life hero ?"
 "I am no hero, I just did what any man would domfor the women he loves". Tom winked at the camera, and walked away smiling with Luke at his heal, entering the waiting car while the crowd was yelling after him to know more.

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