On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


61. Tom vs Zac

 Tom took care of changing Annas ticket, she would be on a plane home that same evening and he helped her pack. She tried to conceal how unhappy she felt, not wanting to make him feel worse.
 "Can I please call you ? Or do you want me to leave you entirely be until I am back ?" He looked at her.
 She stopped in the middel of packing looking lovingly at him. "Of course you can call me Tom".
 He smiled visibly relieved. "Good, then there might be a slim chance you wont forget me entirely".
 Tom drove her to the airport, and she had just checked in, he was walking her to the security check, when she saw him stop in his track, getting a hard look on his face.
Anna looked around confused, there wouldn't be paperazzi there would there ? "What is it Tom ?"
 "What the fuck is he doing here ?" Toms hands were balled up, his whole body tensed and he was breathing faster.
 She already knew, but she still hoped agaisnt hope that it was just some annoying gyu with a camera, then she spotted Zachary, he was walking towards them, but he clearly hadn't seen them.
 "Tom please don't, I know you are angry with him, but please don't do anything stupid here in public". She grabbed his arm.
 He looked at her and then calmly removed her hand. "Anna not to be antagonistic, but that is my decision".
 He walked toward Zachary with long strides, Anna had to run to keep up with him, starting to panic.
 Zachary saw them and stopped dead in his track, his face showing that he knew very well what was coming, but he did nothing to prevent it, he didn't even flinch.
 Toms fist hit him square on the jaw, sending him sprawling, Anna flew to his side. "Tom for fucks sake, was that really necessary ?"
 "Fuck yes it was". Tom was cradleling his hand, clearly having hurt himself in the process.
 "Are you okay Zac ? Does it hurt ?" Anna looked at him worried, gently touching his jaw, fully aware that everyone was watching the three of them.
 Zachary pushed her hand away and sat up slowly. "Of course it hurts Anna, don't fuss over me, I was no less than I deserved".
 "It was so much less than you deserved". Tom said offering Zachary his hand, he accepted hesitantly and Tom pulled him to his feet.
 "Honestly Tom, I am profoundly sorry, I have been a total jerk". Zachary rubbed his jaw sending Tom an apologetic smile.
 Tom sighted. "Oh yes you have, but I guess I am not entirely without guild in all of this, and I would probably have done the same, had the tables been turned".
 "But what are you two doing here ?" Zachary was looking from Tom to Anna and back again.
 "I am going home Zac, my flight leaves in less than an hour". Anna bit her lip, she wasn't comfortable standing there between them, everybody watching them.
 Zachary turned to Tom. "I really hope you have forgiven her or I have to slap you for being fucking stupid".
 "Of course I have, so don't go get your hopes up". Toms voice turning a bit sour.
 Anna cleared her throat, not wanting the tension to erupt. "I just need to get away and get my head cleared and let Tom finish up this movie somhe can come back to me".
 Zachary smiled at Tom. "Just don't let her slip away again Tom, cause next time I ain't backing down. And now I  will go get me suitcase as thaynhave finally found it".
 He winked at Anna and walked away whistling, she turned to watch Tom, afraid of his reaction, wondering if Zachary had some kind of dead wish.
 "Tom promise me you let this go, don't let Zac get to you, I would hate it to influence your performance or to get more media time". She looked at him pleadingly.
 "Don't worry Anna, i am not angry with him anymore or mayby just a little, but he is rigth, if it is not him, it might be someone else, and I rather spend my energy on winning you back". He gently put his arms around her.
 She put her head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat. "You already have me Tom, so finish up this dahm movie and come back to me, then we figure out the rest".
 He kissed her gently goodbye and she walked up to security, when she was just about to go through, hencame running, lifted her into his arms kissing her passionately.
 "Anna I love you so much and I am going to miss you so much it hurts". He said, letting her go.
 "I love you to, and I can't wait for you tomget back home, but please spend this time thinking it through okay ?" And then she walked through security, knowing it would be many weeks before seeing him again, and that it would never be the same again.



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