On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


38. The most amazing day

 "What are we doing today ?" Anna nearly jumped on the spot with excitement, looking questioning at Tom.
 He grinned teasingly. "I am not going to tell you anything darling, it is going to be a surprice".
 She pouted and crossede her arms over her cheast. "That is just not fair, no it isn't".
 "Oh but darling, it is just so much more fun when you do not know what is going to happen". He leaned into her, and gently bit her bottom lip, she threw her arms around his neck, kissing him greedily.
 Tracy cleared her throat loudly. "Could you two please stop the showing of blatant affection long enough for us to get going ?"
 They let go of each other giggling and Tom opened the door, outside was a black stretch limo waiting. Anna send him at glanze making him smile sheepishly.
 Tom obviously had already briefed the chauffeur of their destination, he didn't ask for an address or anything, he just pulled out from the sidewalk and drove off.
 "I hope you are hungry, our first stop is brunch". They had just pulled up outside the globe teater and he opened the door and led them into the Swan bar.
 "Uh that sounds delicious". Tracy said looking around the restaurent. Anna nodded in agreement.
 The waiter leed them to a cosy table and they had an amazing brunch with everything they could dream of.
 When they had finish Tom took them next door, into the teater itself, he walked up to the greeting desk and the receptionist looked up. "Oh my God, hi Tom, what are you doing here ?"
 "Hi Maggie, I have a reservation for the tour at 11, I have a couple of guests who haven't been here before". Tom said warmly.
 "Oh nonsens Tom, you do not have tomwalk around with a group of tourists, I get you some passes, then you can show your guests around in private". She answered.
 She rummaged around for a while and made Tom sign some papers, then she handed him 3 guest passes and they where off.
 Anna listened intensely to every Tom was telling them, apparently he new everything there was to know about the teater and Shakespeare, and his voice was animated and passionated, she could just listen to him talk forever.
 "I do not hope it was to boring, sometimes I talk a little to much". He smiled apologetically.
 Anna put her hand on his arm. "Absolutely not, I found it very enlightening, but to tell the truth, I could probably listen to you read the phone book and find it amazing".
 Tom actually blushed and hurried to open the car door to let them in. "Come on ladies, so much more to do, so little time".
 When the limo stopped again, they where outside a stable, Anna looked around. "Are we going horseback riding ?"
 "Yes, I thought a ride in Hyde park would be something you would enjoy, and then you can see we have horses in London to". He winked at her.
 Anna got that odd feeling again, that he was trying to convince her to move to London. But she couldn't just leave everything to sit there alone waiting for him, while he travelled the world.
 Anna was quite happy she had chosen to wear jeans, Tracy had done the same. They borrowed a helmet each and got a horse, and then they were on their into the park to ride on the famous rotten row.
 Actually Anna had always dreamed of riding in Hyde park, and she was so happy to get the change, it was everything she had imagined.
 When the came back to the stables, Anna put her arms around Tom neck and kisses him softly. "Thank you so much, it was amazing".
 "I am so happy you liked it darling, but now we must hurry, cause we are going to be late, oh so late". He pretended to look at a pocket watch.
 Anna and Tracy looked at each other quite confused, shaking there heads before getting back into the limo.
 "We must hurry, we are oh so late, time is ticking, were late, were late". Tom was looking at his imaginary watch again.
 When the car stopped, they were outside the Sanderson hotel, it looked like a very fancy place. Tom led them inside, and went up to a waiter.
 They where shown out into a beautiful indoor garden, it had a glass ceiling. They sat down at a table, it was all docorated in Alice in wonderland theme.
 "Welcome to the mad hatter afternoon tea party". Tom spreed his arms in a grand gesture.
 They looked around i amazement, the waiter arrived carrying trays of puddings and sanwiches, cookies wich said "eat me", little bottles with fruit juices saying "drink me" and hot steaming tea.
 "Wow I had no idea something like this existed, it is so wonderful". Tracy said putting another cookie in her mouth.
 They tasted everything and it tasted so good it was hard not to eat way to much.
 When they were done they went for a private sailing tour on the Thames all the way to the barrier. They saw the parliment, Big ben and London eye from the water as well.
 "Thank you for the most amazing day Tom, it was much more than I could have ever dreamed of". Anna said happily on the way back in the car.
 Tracy nodded in agreement. "Thank you so much, you really out did yourself an every other man on the planet".
 "It was truly my pleasure, and I am so happy you let me do this and someone didn't complane about money even once". He said grinning happily.
 They spendt the rest of the evening on the couch, watching a movie and eating pizza. Anna woke up when Tom gently carried her to bed, she had fallen asleep on the couch.


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