On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


11. Telling her parents

Anna rolled over, halv awake, her arm striking something hard, She sat up confused. Tom grunted, but didn't wake. She watched him, it hadn't been a dream then, she felt her face getting red just by the thought of it.
 She supported herself on her right arm, studying him, he looked so sweet sleeping, so relaxed and worry free.
 He had kicked the blanket half way of, and she could help but tracing the muscles on his upper body with her finger.
 He sighed and looked up at her , eyes heavy with sleep. He caught her hand, pressing his lips gently to her palm. "Morning beautiful or should I say good evening".
 "Oh shit, my parents". She sat up, suddenly fully aware that she was naked, pulling the blanket around her.
 He stretched lazily and cat like, looking at her. "What time is it ?"
 She looked at her phone. "It is 5.30 PM, my parents are definitely home by now".
 Anna looked around, how the hell did her underwear end up in the other end of the room ? She sighted, crawled out under the blanket, and hurried to her underwear pulling it on.
 She found her pants in the opposite corner and her shirt draped over the bedside lamp. "How on earth did you manage to spred my clothes all over the room ?"
 Tom just smiled mischievous, pulling up one eyebrow. She picked up his clothes, or rather her fathers clothes, throwing it in his face.
 He put the clothes on, then he walked over to her, putting his arms around her from behind, kissing her hair. "Sweet Anna, your parents would finde out sooner or later, and you are after all an adult".
 She leaned back, resting her head against his chest, enjoying the feel of him. "Of course, but what if my mother came up here to tell they were home ? What would she think ?"
 "She would think we had had an fantastic afternoon, and it was Anna, so utterly amazing". The last part he whispered in her ear.
 The feel of his breath against her neck made her legs into jelly, she turned around, kissing him softly between words. "Hmm definitely amazing".
 He grabbed her, pulling her into an intense kiss, entwining his fingers in her hair, her hands caressing his back, one hand sliding down over his backside, she gave him a clap and then pulled away. He whimpered.
 "Down boy, we better go downstairs before this go bad, if you can contain yourself". She said grinning, eyei the obvious bulge in his pants.
 "I will make you pay, but right now you better check you hair in the mirror, befor going downstairs". He said messing up her hair even more.
 "My hair ?" Anna ran out in her bathroom, she didn't know if she should laugh or cry when she looked in the mirror, she ran her brush through it, pulling it back in a pony tail.
 In the meantime Tom had got a hold on himself, and they went downstairs to find her parents, it didn't take long, as they entered the front door at that exact moment.
 "Hi mom, dad, I thought you'd be home long ago, was aunt Rosa okay ?" Anna looked at her parents.
 Her mother eyeing Tom, send Anna a knowing look and answered. "Yes, she told me to say hallo. We stayed late because of the rain". She turned to Tom. "Hi Tom, so nice to see you".
 "Thank you mrs Davies, don't you look lovely today. Anna was so kind as to save me from the rain". He gave her mother a warm hug.
 Her mother, giggling like a schoolgirl. "Please call me Joanna, no nead to be so formal".
 Tom smiled, the turned to her father and shook his hand. "I hope it is alright, anna let me borrow some of your clothes, as my own was pretty much drenched".
 "No trouble son. What have you kids been doing all efternoon then ?" Her father asked.
 Anna felt her face get hot, lucky Tom saved her by answering. "I got to read Annas book, it is just fantastic".
 Her mother looked at Anna raising her eyebrows, saying teasingly. "I am sure it is".
 Anna sighted, her mother had been asking to read it for at long time. "What's for dinner by the way ?"
 Her mother looked at her watch. "I guess it's just gonna be whatever we got in the fridge, it is to late to get something out of the freezer".
 "Then let me have the pleasure of inviting you all out for dinner". Tom said smiling.
 "That is so sweet of you Tom, but you really don't have to". Her mother padded his arm smiling at him.
 He put his big hand on top of hers, giving it a friendly squeeze. "But It would be pleasure, and I feel like we have something to celebrate".
 Her mother looked at Tom, then at Anna, the back to Tom. "Are you two ?did she finally realise ?"
 "I guess I made her realise". Tom put his arm around Annas shoulder, pulling her to his side, kissing her hair softly.
 Her mother was literally clapping her hands. "I told her, you make such a lovely couple, I am so happy for you".


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