On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


59. Something left to save ?

 She felt him stiffen and she pulled away, feeling putnof breath, feeling really stupid. "I'm so sorry Zac".
 He was starring at her, his dark eyes almost black, looking so intense it was almost scary, she didn't know what to do, was he angry at her. He closed his eyes breathing in deeply, he was shaking his head slowly, the he looked at her.
 "For Gods sake Anna.. Oh fuck it". He grabbed her, pressing her against the wall, before his mouth crashed into hers, kissing her wanting.
 Anna felt like her brain litterally shut down, she tried to focus, to think one coherent thought, but all she could do was keeping herself together and not fall totally apart.
 Her hands was on his body, he had one her entwined in her hair, the other one on her ass, she was biting his lip, and he pressed her harder agaisnt the wall.
 Her mouth travelled down his neck, he was moaning her name and pulled her head back by her hair, his mouth on hers again, claiming her.
 Anna realised what was about to happen, if she didn't stop now, this was it, was this what she wanted ? If she went all they way, Tom would never forgive any of them, he might knewer forgive this either, but their still might be a chance.
 She breathed deeply, it wasn't easy, her entire body was burning to have him, she might never have wanted something this badly and she knew she had to hurt him again, she should never have kissed him.
 She pulled away from him gently. "I am so sorry Zac, I shouldn't have kissed you, it was so wrong, I.. I".
 "It is okay Anna, hurry back to Tom, I hope he is smart enough to forgive you and if not, you know where to find me". He smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes.
 She put her hand gently on his cheek. "I am so sorry I let itbget to this, I really really like you and you can't imagine how hard itnis tomwalk away right know, but I have to try and save my relationship".
 He kissed her softly. "Hurry Anna, and I will back you up whatever you decide to tell him, even if you say nothing ever happened".
 "I am sorry Zac, but I have to come clean, if I am going to live with myself, I have to tell him everything, I hope it wont give you to much trouble". She looked apologetic at him and went for the door.
 "It will be fine Anna, i have behaved unforgivable, if he punches me it is no less than I deserve". He watched her walk tomthe elevator, then he closed the door, leaning agaisnt it.
 Anna hurried back to their hotel, tears streaming down her face, she had to talk to Tom, and no matter if it meant the end of everything, she had to tell him everything.
 She hoped he was back from the set, if she had to wait for him she might loose her nerve.
 She opened the door, Tom was standing by the window, he turned to fece her, looking concerned and hurt. "Anna were have you been ? You didn't leave a message and you didn't bring your phone".
 "Sorry Tom, I had something important to take care of, I didn't think it would be this long. We have to talk". She breathed in deeply and looked at him feeling her heart break.



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