On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


51. Skyping With Tracy

 Anna opened her eyes, it was just past 10 am and Tom was still fast asleep, she tip toed to the bathroom taking a long shower, washing the night and dream of her.
 When she came back into the bedroom Tom liftet himself up to one elbow, looking like he had a tremendous hangover and she asked. "Do you want a couple of pain pills and some water ?"
 He nodded very slowly and she got a couple of pills from her bag and a bottle of water from the minibar handing him both.
 He took it looking very thankful, swallowing the pills and downing half the water, then he looked at her. "I am so sorry Anna, I had to much to drink and my mind played tricks on me, I am sorry I was such a jerk".
 "It is okay Tom, but don't you think you should lie down and get a couple of extra hours of sleep ?" She gentlynpushed him dawn on the bed, tucking him in.
 "But what about you ? I can't make you just sit here and wait, I want to be with you while you are here". He looked at her pleading.
 Anna smiled and kissed him lightly. "I'll go for a walk, I want to buy some presents and skype with Tracy, you just sleep, we can spend the afternoon together when you feel better".
 "Okay then, if it is fine with you, I think I will sleep just a little more". He closed his eyes and Anna was pretty sure he was asleep right away, and she slipped on her clothes and went outside.
 She walked through the cosy little streets, it was warmer than she had expected, and she soon took of her coat enjoying the warmth from the sun.
 After browsing some shops for presents for her parents, she went in to a small cafe and ordered brunch. It was just past 11 am, and she knew Tracy and Chris was currently in New York, witch was 4 hours behind, so she thought it would be okay to skype her.
 She put up her laptop and logged into skype then she texted Tracy. > If you are awake, please com on skype, I need you <
 It only was about a minute before Tracy logged on, her face appearing on the screen, her red curls a messy cloud around her face.
 "Morning Tracy, I don't hope i woke you up". Anna said apologetically, smiling at her friend.
 "No no, I was awake, just haven't gone around to getting out of bed yet". She yawned and stretched.
 Anna chuckled. "Yeah you look soo awake honey. How is Chris ? Is he there ?"
 "Yup right here, and I absolutely perfect thank you for asking. How is Iceland ?" Chris's head came i to view next to Tracy.
 "Morning Chris, I haven't seen much yet, but here is beautiful, and such a relaxed feel". Anna said smiling.
 Chris kissed Tracy lovingly. "I am gonna hit the shower, have a nice holiday Anna and say hallo to the guys from me".
 "Thank you, I'll do that Chris". She waved at the screen and Chris waved back before disappearing.
 Anna didn't have time to say anything before Chris walked on the screen again in the background stark naked.
 "Chris pants for Gods sake, have younheard of those ?" Anna asked loudly, laughing at the sight of him, he just turned his head, winking before disappearing laughing through the bathroom door.
 Tracy rolled her eyes. "I am actually not sure he has, he is not wearing them much".
 "How are the two of you ?" Anna asked curiously, she was excited to hear if their relationship was evolving.
 Tracy sighted and checked that Chris had closed the door. "We are great, almost to great, he is amazing, but I just don't know if I am up to a serious long distance relationship".
 "I get it, in a week I'll be going home and I probably won't see Tom for months, I am not sure I can do it". Anna complaint.
 "Are we pathetic or what ? We are dating two of the hottest guys on the planet and we are complaining". Tracy said with a little laugh.
 Anna smiled, Tracy were right, a lot of women would happily take her place, but it was just so hard to be without him, that sometimes leaving him seemed easier. "Okay we are pathetic put not as bad as Tom is right now".
 "Where is Tom, I thought the two of you would be joined at he hip ?" Tracy asked.
 "He is sleeping of a major hangover back at the hotel, we had dinner with Chris and Zac last night, Tom had way to much wine and pracically acted like a total jerk". Anna was still a little angry with him.
 Tracys eyes bulged. "Og shit, really ? What did he do ? He just doesn't hit me as the type at all".
 "He had a fit of jealousy for no reason and embarrassed me to extend in front of Zac, and yes that would be Zachary Levi, he is in the movie". Anna to her horror felt her cheeks blush.
 "Anna ? Can I asked why you are getting all flustered right now ? Is there something you need to tell me ?" Tracy asked a little suspicious.
 Anna sighted. "Okay I might have gotten a bit overwhelmed, when he told me Zac was coming and I might have been fangirling a bit, you know how I feel about Chuck".
 Tracy chuckled and rolled her eyes, oh yes she knew, she had been watching some of the show with Anna. "That might have been a bit inappropriate Anna".
 "I know, but he was teasing me, and I thought he just found it funny, and I acted totally normal at dinner. But then Tom had ro much wine, and Zac helped me get him home safely". Anna told.
 Tracy was leaning closer to the screen, looking afraid to miss something. "Yes, and then ?"
 "Tom suddenly found it very entertaining to tell Zac about me fangirling over him". Anna felt her face go red again.
 Tracy clasped a hand over her mouth. "Oh my, Tom you asshole, that was so not nice, but he was drunk, I don't think he meant to embarrass you".
 Anna bit her lip. "Yeah, but that wasn't all. We put him to bed and he went right to sleep. I walked Zac out, and he hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. But then I turn to find Tom awake, thinking that something was going on, telling me I was inappropriate".
 "And you are totally sure that there was nothing going on, totally friendly and nothing else ?" Tracy looked at her worry in her eyes.
 Anna got angry, why did everybody seem to think her capable of cheating on Tom. "Yes Tracy, I love Tom, and I do not jump some guy just because he is hot".
 "So you do think he is hot ? But no Anna, I know you love Tom, and you would never hurt him on purpose, but you blush like crazy everytime you mention Zac". Tracy said.
 "I had the most embarrassing dream about him Tracy, I think it was because of Toms accusations, I don't think I can ever look him in the eyes again". Anna feelt her face heating up when thinking of the dream.
 And just at that moment she heard a voice behind her, just about the last voice she wanted to hear. "Hi Anna, whom might that be ? Someone I know ?"
 "Oh my good he is standing right behind me isn't he". She wispered to Tracy, who nodded.
 Anna turned around trying to smile and look totally at ease. "Hi Zac, i was just skyping with my friend Tracy".

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