On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


25. Room service

 She jumped out of bed, where was he ? She peaked i to the bathroom, but it was empty. "Tom, are you here ?"
 There were no answer , but she hadn't expected one, because it was easy to see that he wasn't there.
 She was starting to panic, not really knowing why, when there was a knock on the door, she pulled a sheet around her, before going to the door. "Who is it ?"
 "Room service". Someone answered. Of course Tom wouldn't knock, he had a keycard. But she hadn't ordered room service. She opened the door.
 The young man rolled in a big table filled with food, he did seem to notice that she was only wearing a sheet around her. "Here you go ma'am".
 Anna started to panic again, should she tip him ? But she didn't no where she put her wallet. It had to be Tom who had ordered the food. She was saved by Tom, who walked through the door in that moment, wearing sweetpants, a light hoody and running shoes.
 He grabbed his wallet on the table and handed the you man some money, thanking him and closing the door behind him.
 Tom turned around running his hands over his face and through his hair, pulling back the hood , he was a little sweaty and breathed heavy. If Aana hadn't been so upset, she would have found him irresistible sexy.
 "Where were you Tom, I woke up and you were gone and then it knocked". She knew she sounded a tad hysteric, but she could help it.
 Tom was looking quite confused. "But I left you a note on the bed, didn't you see it ?"
 She turned around, there right on Toms pillow was a note. > Morning my beauty, I'm out for an early run, the breakfast is ordered. Love you Tom<
 A sob escaped her lips and he was with her in a flash, holding her close. "Shh darling, what is wrong ?" 
 "I didn't see the note, I am so sorry". She was clinging to him, as if she feared he would disappear if she let go.
 "It alright darling, I am sorry I made you so worried". He gently wiped her tears away with him thumb.
 She breathed deeply to steady herself and snuggled up to his chest, he smelled like summer rain and sweat, and she kind of liked it. "Just me being crazy, I had a bad nightmare, and when I woke up you were gone".
 "Is it something you want to talk about ? The dream, what was it about ?" He was gently stroking her back.
 She shook her head, he would just think her silly to dream something like that, and to be so upset over it, and she couldn't bring herself to say it out loud.
 "Is it okay if I just take a quick shower before breakfast ? I'm kind of smelling a bit here". He said apologetic.
 She latched onto him, she just couldn't handle to be without him right now. "I kind of like the way you smell, stay with me".
 He swept her into his strong arms. "What about you join me instead ? The food can wait".
 She nodded, she actually felt a bid clammy from the dream, and a shower would be nice.
 He put her gently down on the bedroom floor pullimg the sheet of her, he leaned past her, into the shower, turning on the wather. Anna stepped into the hot jet and felt how the sweat and worries was washed away.
 Soon she felt Toms long arms around her, when he steppede in behind her, she leaned back against him sighting content.
 "Better now ?" He turned her around, gently pushing the wet hair from her face, to look into her eyes.
 "Uhm much better". She was smiling at her, letting her hands run over his wet body, she needed him, needed to touch him and needed to have him as close as possible.
 He leaned down, kissing her softly, one of his hands intertwining in her hair, pulling gently, his other hand resting on her lower back. "You are definitely much better".
 She literally jumped him, folding her legs around his hips, her mouth caressing his neck. He groaned and asked huskily. "What about breakfast Anna ?"
 "Fuck breakfast, no wait fuck me instead, breakfast can wait". She murmured against his skin.
 He giggled, letting his hands run over her body, pinning her agaist the cool tiles with his body. It didn't take lo for her to be more than ready for him, and when he gently entered her, she thought how amazingly well they fit together, like she found her missing half.

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