On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


2. Prologue

  Anna walked to the stables through the chill and grey morning, she loved to go riding on the moor early in the day when there was nobody else out there and the landscape look like something from a fairytale.
 She tacked her horse, a grey mare called Sunburst, she lead the horse outside, padded it's shoulder and mounted it, smiling as the left the courtyard.
 Anna let Sunburst walk at a long rein, a little absent minded enjoying the rural landscape and the chance to be all alone and truly relax.
 Sunburst was a bit hot headed at times, but she was well trained and mostly did as told if the rider was calm and level headed, and Anna very rarely had any problems with the mare.
 Suddenly the mare reared as a band of medieval soldiers came out of nowhere, Anna tried to calm Sunburst, but to add to her troubles her reins broke and the mare bolted.
 The soldiers yelled, probably they hadn't seen her either, Anna tried to stop the mare with her voice and body, but had no luck, the horse was simply to scared.
 A lot of thoughts went through her head, would they crash ? should she throw herself from the horse ? how badly would this end ? What the hell was medieval soldiers doing on the moor ?
 The she heard the sound of another horse, out of the corner of her eye she saw a very large white horse coming full speed from the side, the rider guiding the horse to gallop side by side with her.
 She saw the rider leaning over, grabbing her broken rein, amazingly he caught it in the first try, and he slowly stopped his own horse, making her horse stop as well.
 The rider dismounted, holding both reins in one hand offering her his other gloved hand. She gratefully grabbed his hand and dismounted, starting the check Sunbursts legs for signs of any damage.
 "Are you okay Miss ? That was quite an adventure". A warm deep voice asked.
 She let her hands run down the mares leg, she seemed to be fine. She thought the mans voice sounded oddly familiar. "I am okay and my horse seems to be as well thanks to you. Thank you so much, that was quite some riding".
 "No need to thank me Miss, it was my duty and pleasure". He answered, his voice so very sincere.
 She looked at him for the first time, he was dressed as a medieval king, his crown slightly askew on top of his blond curls from the wild ride, the she caught his blue eyes, eyes she knew and would never forget, and she exclaimed. "Tom ?"
 He looked a little confused, she smiled and said. "I don't think you remember me, but .."
 "Anna, Anna Davies ?" He lit up in a huge grin. "Of course I remember you, you used to play with my sister all the time, but then we moved away".
 She smiled back, she hadn't thought he would remember her, being a big movie star end everything and she had changed quite a bit. "Long time, no see".
 He smiled and put his free arm around her shoulder, giving her a tight squeeze. "So good to see you again, Emma will be so thrilled when she hears".
 A jeep was driving up, stopping a short way from them, the man in the passenger seat getting out, not looking very happy. "Tom what the hell do you thing you are doing playing hero, you could have brooken your neck".
 "Sorry, but I could leave a lady in distress". Tom called back, he winked at Anna.
 "You better get back before you get in trouble, again thank you for saving me my lord". She gave a short courtesy, smiling back at him, then took her reins from his hand.
 "No trouble. Are you sure you are okay to ride back on your own ?" He looked at her, concern in his eyes, while she made a knot on her reins.
 She put a hand on his arm. "Don't worry, I'll be fine. It was so nice to se you again".
 She mounted Sunburst and was just about to ride off, when he took hold of the bit and looked up at her. "I don't hope it is to bold of me, but I would like to keep in touch, can I call you ?"
 "Yeah, that would be quite alright, I would like to catch up". She smiled down at him.
 He quickly went to the jeep and got a pen and paper to write down her number, and as she rode away he called out. "I call you later to make sure you got home savely".

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