On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


24. Nigtmare

 "Anna, Anna please wake up". She could her Tom call her, but why was he sounding so frantic ? She felt so wonderful, she slowly opened her eyes, peaking up at him smiling.
 "Oh dear God, are you okay Anna ? What happened ?" He looked very worried at her, gently stroking her chin.
 Anna was still quite confused, what was wrong ? They were having the most amazing sex and she had the most mind blowing orgasm and... "Oh, whoops I guess I kind of passed out".
 "I kind of noticed, but what happened ? Did you feel dizzy or unwell ?" He seemed so upset, that Anna started to feel bad about it.
 She sat up, a little unsteady and said apologetic. "Sorry If I scared you Tom, I just got a little overwhelmed, it was a little to amazing".
 "What do you mean ? Ohh". Tom first looked confused, but then it dawned on him and he flushed profoundly.
 She couldn't help but laughing at him and he laughed with her. He pulled her close and kissed her on the hair. "I have to admit, that was a first for me".
 "It is not like it's something I usually do, it is kind of embarrassing". She hid her face against his chest, embarrassed to have lost control so utterly.
 "I find it endearing and maybe a little flattering". He said, grinning coyly and she hit him on the chest with her balled up fist.
 He lightly grabbed her chin, lifting her face to look her in the eyes. "Anna you are the most amazing woman I have ever met and I love you with everything I got".
 "I love you to". She felt like she was melting under his gaze, the only thing she wanted was to be close to him and see him happy. But what would happened when he would leave soon.
 Anna yawned, suddenly feeling exhausted. Tom threw himself back unto the bed and pulled her into his arms. "Come here beautiful lady, youmlook like you need some sleep".
 "Hmm goodnight". She murmured, already halfway asleep, he kissed her temple and whispered sweet nothings until she was fast asleep.
 Anna was looking around for Tom, where was he ? She was standing in a hallway in a house she didn't knew. Had she come to London to visit him ? Yes it was to be a surprise.
 She should call his name, but something kept her from it. She walked slowly  through the house, the knot in her stomach was growing with each step, she felt like it was going to choke her.
 Anna walked up the grand staircase, did she hear sounds upstairs, her brain told her to turn around, but her body ust kept going forward.
 There was no doubt anymore, she could hear creaking and moaning sounds from the last room down the hallway, she could feel her heart breaking into more and more pieces with every step forward.
 She opened the door, and there he was, in the bed with not one but 2 leggy model look alikes, he turned his head looking at her, but then he just smiled and carried on.
 Anna felt her heat shatter into a million pieces, and she just screamed all of her hurt and sorrow out. She was still screaming when she sat up in bed sweaty from the nightmare. Tom was gone.

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