On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


35. London eye

 "Uhh what am I goingto wear ?" Anna was looking through her clothes for the night, she wasn't quite sure how fancy she should dress.
 He gently caressed her cheek with his thumb. "You can wear anything you want darling, you are beautiful no matter what".
 "Arg Tom, I just don't want to be to much out of place at the restaurant, please help". She playfully hit his shoulder.
 "You could never be out of place, but something pretty and classic would fit rigth in". He opened his wardrobe taking out a white dress shirt.
 She opted for a dark blue skater dress, it was simple and reached just above her knees, and had a lighter blue silk ribbon beneath the bust.
 When she had put it on, she turned around to se, that Tom had put an i fitted suit in nearly the same colour.
 "You look simply divine darling, that dress is perfect on you". He walked over, putting his arms around her waist.
 She rested her hands on his chest, he had keept it a bit relaxed by not putting on a tie and leaving the top buttons open. "Hmm you look quite handsome yourself".
 He kissed her sincerely and she feelt her body melt into his arms and her breathing getting shallow.
 She pulled away from him unwillingly. "I better go help Tracy find the right outfit".
 He made a sound like a sad puppy and looked at her longing in his eyes, but the he said. "Younare right, and if you don't leave know I do not believe we are going to make our reservation".
 She giggled and hurried out the door, Tom pretended to run after her, she sprinted up,the stairs to Tracys room.
 Anna was happy she had gone to help her friend, just to real her in a bit and not dress to extreme. She told her to go with her little black dress, it was quite classic and not so low cut as many of her other dresses.
 Tom had called a cab to take them into town, it was getting dark and London was beautifully lit. They got out the cab next to one of the many bridges, and walked along the Thames.
 "Wow it is so much bigger than I thought it would be". They had reach the Eye, and Tracy was looking up at the giant ferriswheel.
 "I thought you would enjoy a ride on it". Tom took them to the VIP reservations desk at the ticket office. Tracy and Anna looked at one another and smiled.
 Tom had rented a private capsule, and the went up a special VIP ramp and got on almost instantly. Anna kind of felt bad, both for the amount of money Tom was spending, but also that they jumped in front of a quite big line.
 "You didn't need to do this Tom". Anna had just received a glass of champagne from their private waiter, who was discreetly standing by the door.
 Tom smiled putting an arm around her waist, they were standing by the rail, looking out on the city. "No I didn't need to, but I want to darling".
 "And I for one are definitely not complaining about the VIP treatment". Tracy said laughing and taking a big sip of champagne.
 "See Tracy get it, she enjoys being spoiled". Tom said grinning, pulling Anna closer to his side.
 Anna leaned her head agains his shoulder. "I do enjoy it Tom, this is fantastic, but I just don't like you spending so much money".
 "Don't worry Anna, money is not a problem". He turned to face her and gently kissed her lips.
 When the ride was over the walked to a very modern restaurant nearby and Anna was about to say something when she saw the prices, but she knew Tom would get hurt, and she keept it to her self.
 It was just that she was brought up to take care of herself, and she feelt a bit wrong when he paid for everything.
 The food was fantastic and they drank a bit to much wine,,but they had a great time.
 "Uhmmm". Tom had his eyes closed and obviously enjoyed his pudding very much, Anna looked at Tracy and they both started giggling loudly.
 Tom opened one eye, glaring at them in turn. "Hey no making fun, this is a very good pudding".
 "Isn't that how you feel about all puddings ?" Anna said looking at him with one eyebrow raised. He had sampled both Tracy and her pudding, saying exactly the same.
 He grinned sheepishly and put the last spoonful in his mouth. "Uhh maybe, I like pudding".
 "Right Sherlock, we hadn't figured that out". Tracy said dryly and they all burst out laughing, making the other guests look at them funny.
 When they exited the restaurant, there was a cab waiting to bring them home. At home Tracy thanked Tom for at great evening and went up to her room, giving them some much wanted time alone.

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