On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


15. I did warn you

 Anna was standing in the bathroom, it had been nearly 15 minutes since she left ham. She looked at herself in the mirror and suddenly felt insecure, would he laugh at her or maybe he would get angry.
 She was wearing a very sexy set of lingerie with girdle and everything, she bought it long ago as a surprise for her ex Peter, but never got around to wearing it.
 She had put on a sexy make-up, with dark smokey eyes and red lips, and she had on a pair of ridiculously high heels.
 Anna took a deep breath and opened the door, walking slowly toward the bed, in a way she hoped looked sexy. "Are you ready for your punishment ?"
 Tom looked at her, eyes big with surprice, his gaze traveling down her body, then back to her face, he bid his bottom lip. "Wow Anna, you look amazing".
 She smiled mischievous and slowly crawled up on the bed straddling him, she let her hand glide under his T-shirt, letting her nails ligthly scratching his stomach and chest, while pulling up the T-shirt.
 She pulled the shirt over his head, leaving it to cover his eyes, his nose and mouth free. Anna bend down, kissing him sensually and when she stopped, he tried to catch her lips with his, but she just laughed playfully.
 Anna liked being in charge, for once feeling in full control around him, and she enjoyed watching his muscles tighten whenever he moved.
 She was kissing his neck and down his chest, making him moan and wring his body impatiently under her.
 As she reached his stomach she let her lips and tongue tease him along the rim of his jeans, while she unbuttoned them. When she slowely pulled them of him, every doubt about him enjoying her treatment wanished, as she saw that his boxers could hardly contain him.
 She pulled out the drawer of her night stand, taking something out, fumbling a bit with the lighter. Tom squirmed. "Anna ? What are you doing darling ?"
 "Getting my revenge sweetie". Anne whispered. She slowly let a drop of candle wax fall on his stomach, making sure to hold the candle high enough that it wouldn't burn him.
 Tom twitched and a gasp escaped his mouth, when the wax hit him. His voice was slightly trembling. "Anna please stop, you had your revenge".
 "No not really". She answered teasingly. She let a couple more drops fall on his chest and stomach.
 His body flexed, almost pushing her of the bed, his groaning getting deeper. Anna enjoyed seeing her plan work. He almost purred. "Anna, please stop now, I can't, please.. I can't guarantee..".
 She kissed him to shut him up, and he kissed her greedyly back,  she could hear the handcuffs being slammed against her headboard.
 Anna kissed him slowly down his body, removing the candle wax as she went, letting her lips cares each spot.
 Carefully she grasped the edge of his boxers with her teeth, pulling them down, throwing them to the floor. Then she kissed him slowly up his legs, letting her tongue play on his inner thigh and then teasingly blowing air on his most sensitive spot.
 The sound comming from Tom was deep and raw, almost beastly, and for a moment Anna was afraid she went to far out with this game. She sat up. "Well I guess I could use a cup of tea. Se you later".
 She hopped of the bed grinning, happy about teaching him a lesson, she was walking to the door when she heard the sound of wood splintering, making her turn around.
 Tom threw the T-shirt on the floor, he was standing at the foot of the bed starring at her, then he slowly came closer, like an predator stalking a prey.
 They way he was looking at her, made her uneasy. "Tom sweetie, are you okay ?" 
 His mouth curled into a smile, but it wasn't his usual happy smile, actually she got the odd feeling of looking at Loki and not Tom.
 Two long strides and he was on her, grabbing her hips. "Don't tell me I didn't warn you Anna, I told you to stop".
 She was getting dizzy from just his presence, his usually blue eyes were dark and frightening and his voice made the little hairs on the back of her head stand up, but at the same time she could feel the heat spread through her body.
 He ripped of her panties , grabbing her ass lifting her up on the table, and in one smooth movement he was inside her, thrusting hard.
 She moaned deeply, holding on to his shoulders, never had she felt anything so intense, so joyful, so utterly perfect. He was holding her close, his mouth caressing her neck and shoulders. She let her head drop back, giving him easy access.
 Anna felt it build inside her, latching her legs around him, pulling him closer to her and deeper in her, and then her world exploded, making her scream his name.
 She could feel that it was the last straw for him, pushing him over the edge and he was moaning against her ear. "Oh Anna, my beautiful wonderful Anna".

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