On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


60. Honesty

 Tom just nodded and sat down in the armchair, Anna sat on the edge of the table right in front of him.
 "No matter what Tom, please remember I love you so very much". She grabbed both of his hands looking pleadingly at him.
 He liftet her hands to his mouth kissing them gently. "I know Anna, amd I love you to".
 She breathe in deeply, itbwas time to be honest and shatter they best thing that had ever happened to her. "I am so sorry Tom, but I haven't been completely honest with you".
 He did say anything, but just watched her, waiting for her to go on. "Tuesday while you were sleeping, I had brunch with Zac, it wasn't planned or anything, we just kind of ran into each other".
 "Why did you think that you couldn't just tell me that Anna ?" He was still holding her hands, stroking his thumbs over them.
 "I was afraid you would misunderstand, it was stupid, it was just you know after that evening you might read something into it that wasn't there". She looked up at him.
 Tom sighted. "I am so sorry Anna, I shouldn't have reacted like that, been so jealous, I just got so scared that I could possible lose you and I acted stupid".
 "Zac is my friend, but I have seen before how women react to him, and then you seemed taken with him even before meeting him, I kind of panicked". He smiled foolishly.
 "Tom, you have nothing to apologise about, I was the one who lied, and even worse someone snapped alot of pictures". She bit her lips, looking down.
 He gently grabbed her chin, lifting her face, so she was looking into his eyes. "Anna I know, I have seen the picktures and I know the rumours, Luke called me in total panic yesterday when I was out running".
 "You knew ? How come you didn't say anything ? You didn't confront me ?" She looked at him confused.
 "I was counting on you to come and tell me when you were ready, I hope you would be honest, I didn't like the idea of having to pry the trouth from you". He shrugged.
 Anna felt the tears coming, she so much didn't deserve him, and she hated she had to break his trusting heart. "I know those pictures look like something is going on, but they are taken out of content".
 "Anna you don't have to explain, I know how it can be, everything is turned on you, I am just happy you choose to be honest". He gently caressed her cheek.
 She could no longer hold back the tears. "But Tom, unfortunately those pictures ain't the entire truth".
 "Then what is the entire truth Anna ? That's were you were isn't it ? You were with him". He bit his lips, and she could see he was fighting back tears as well.
 She nodded slowly. "I went to talk to him about the pictures and how to handle it, I felt it was fair to warn him before I talked to you".
 "And ?" He didn't say anymore, he swallowed and it was easy to see he didn't really wanted the answer.
 "I.. I don't know what happened, I really just wanted to talk to him, to figure this out, I am so sorry". He had letten go of her hands and she was hiding her face in them.
 Tom stood up, he was pacing the room now, his voice had a sharp tone to it. "What happened Anna ? Did he kiss you ?"
 "It was me Tom, I kissed him, he had already withdrawn, he accepted that I love you, it was me fucking up everything". She was sobbing.
 "Was it more that a kiss ?" He stopped and looked at her, Anna nodded, sure that this was it, the moment she pushed him away forever.
 His voice was low and broke, he looked like he was in physical pain, when he asked. "Did you.. Were you.. Did you sleep with him ?"
 Her head snapped up, her eyes big with panic. "No Tom, I didn't, I couldn't, please believe me".
 "I do believe you Anna, I have to". His expression was so hurt, that she just wanted to hold him and tell him everything would be alright, but she couldn't promise.
 "I am so sorry Tom, I don't know what got into me, I know I can never make it right. Sorry you do not deserve this". She tried to dry her eyes.
 He sighted and sat down. "Then what know Anna ? What do you want ? If you want to be with him I will respect that".
 "Tom please stop being such a gentleman for once, I really hope you do not mean that". She looked at him, would he really just give her up like that.
 He looked at her, suddenly a fire burning in his eyes. "No Anna, I would fight with everything I got to win you back, but if that wasn't enough I would have to respect your choice".
 She couldn't help but smile a little through her tears. "Tom, there is nothing to fight, I told Zac that it is over and done, I promise you that, but..."
 "But what Anna ?" He grabbed her hands, as if he hoped he could hold on to her, afraid what she might say.
 "I think I have to go home Tom, I need to get away, to get some air". She looked at him with sadness.
 He looked like he couldn't say the words, afraid it would make them the truth. "Are we.. Does that mean we are over ? Are you leaving me ?"
 "No Tom, you should be leaving me though, but no I am not leaving you, I just need to think. I am not sure this long distance, being apart is going to work". She squeezed his hands.
 "I need to know were we are Anna ? I love you so much, and I forgive everything, if you will still have me". He was on his knees in front of her, his head resting on her knees.
 She gently stroked his hair, hating to see him like this, so broken. "You are to good a human being Tom, I don't deserve you".
 "Anna don't say that, I you feel you have to go, it is okay, just promise me you'll be there when I get back, please ?" He looked up at her.
 "I think we both need some time Tom, and when you get back we can talk it through and see how we feel then okay ?" She pulled him up kissing him gently.
 He closed his eyes, nodding slowly. "We get through this Anna, we find a way, I promise you".


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