On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


62. Home again

 Annas parents was surpriced to see her home so early, but she told them Tom was so busy filming and that had just been better to go home and they knew not to ask.
 She new she couldn't fool Tracy like that, but she had to have the talk with her, so she went on skype the same evening.
 Tracy was already on and answered her call right away. "Hi Anna, how are you doing ?"
 "I don't know where to begin Tracy, shortly Zac didn't know about the pictures, But Tom did, henwas waiting for me to own up, I was like a second away from letting Zac fuck my brains out, I told Tom everthing and now I am back home". She answered.
 "What ? Are you crazy ? Did you and Tom split up or ?" Tracy had her face very close to,the screen.
 Anna sighted and shook her head. "No I just needed some air and time to think, we are going to figure it out when he gets back, but he forgave me".
 "You know he is way to good Anna, don't you ? I love you and you are my best friend, but I hadn't let you of that easy". Tracy said.
 "I know Tracy, I know way to well, I don't deserve him at all". Anna smiled sadly.
 Tracy sighted. "Yes you do Anna, but please tell me what happened after we talked".
 "Alright, I went to find Zac at his hotel, he was hurt and acted really standoffish, but when I told him about the pictures he turned right around and offered to take the blame". She told.
 Tracy nodded and Anna kept talking. "I said no, I was upset and he just tried to comfort me, so he kind of held me, but I kind of lost it and I kissed him".
 "What is going on with you Anna ? It is so not you". Tracy looked at her questioning.
 "Might have something to do with him having just had a shower, unbuttoned shirt, and then his scent, uh sorry to say, but that scent just hit right in the ovaries". She smiled sheepishly.
 Tracy made a face shaking her head, but she smiled understanding. "And how did he react ?"
 "First he was just standing there, and I got embarrassed that I put myself out there like that but then he kind of thought fuck being nice, and he kind of pressed me up the wall kissing me like there was no tomorrow". Anna felt her cheeks go red thinking about their kiss.
 Tracy watched her with big eyes and Anna said. "I knew I had to stop it, or there was no turning back, Tom wouldn't forgive if I went all the way, but it took all my willpower end then some".
 Tracy was eyeing her. "That sounds pretty hot, do you regret stopping, you could have just told Tom you stopped in time".
 "I can't say I didn't really want to my God that man can kiss, but I wouldn't lie to,Tom, and I couldn't hurt him that bad, so no, no regrets". Anna answered.
 "And Zac, how did he take it ? Did he get angry ? You kind of went all hot and cold on him". Tracy pulled her ginger hair into a ponytail.
 Anna shooke her head. "Nope, he even said he would tell Tom it was all him if I wanted him to, and told me if Tom was stupid enough to let me go I could always come back".
 "Oh Anna, you know that man is totally in love with you right ?". Tracy said looking at her with sad eyes.
 Anna closed her eyes, she keept telling herself it was just physical attraction between them. "Please Tracy, I don't want to know, I already feel so bad, especially after Tom hit him".
 "What ? Tom hit him ? Seriously ?" Tracy looked surpriced and took a sip from a cup.
 "Yup we accidentally ran into him at the airport, and Tom got all macho and knocked him to the floor, Zac just accepted it but told Tom to hold on to me, cause next time he wouldn't back down". Anna first then realised Zachary hadn't just been cheeky.
 Tracy looked at her, shaking her head. "So how is it having two gorgeous men fight over you ? You really didn't realised he was in love with you ?"
 Anna junted to cry, she didn't wanted all these problems, she didn't wanted Zachary to fall in love with her, she just wanted a quiet live with Tom, but she knew that wasn't an option.
 Tracy told that Chris and her was still all hot and perfect, and e was actually thinking about trying the long dinstance thing.
 They said goodbye, promising to talk soon again and to keep each other updated.
 Anna spend alle her energy puttingthings in order, she had alot to do, she knew now what she would do, no matter what Toms choise would be.
 She had alot of meetings in London, she was writing alot, finishing up her novel and she was training Sunburts for the big competition.
 Tom call every night and he told he made them reorganise the shooting, so he was doing all his scenes first, and he would be back in 4 weeks i stead of 7.


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