On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


32. Goodbyes

About 15 min later Tom came back into the room, he threw himself on the bed next to her. "I'm so sorry darling, he wanted to talk about some big TV interview tomorrow".
 Anna rolled onto her side, facing him. "It is completely fine, but I hope you apologised to him".
 "Of course I did, but he wasn't angry with me, he actually apologised for walking in without knocking". He put a warm hand on her hip.
 Anna moved herselv closer to him, resting her head on his shoulder. "I saw us on the news while you were out, everybody thinks you are a real hero".
 He let let his finger trace from her hairline and down her jaw. "Hmm and what do you think ?"
 "You have been my hero since the day on the moor, when you saved me, and you are still my hero". She answered.
 He kissede her softly, but the kiss grew more intense very fast, finally there where alone and no one interrupted them.
 "Anna wake up dear". She felt Toms soft lips against her forehead and slowly opened her eyes.
 She sat up and saw the sunlight stream through the window, Tom obviously had both showered and was dressed. "Hmm what time is it ?"
 "It's 9.30 your sleepy head, there is breakfast waiting for you". He pointed to the table.
 "Oh God, why did you let me sleep for so long ?" She jumped out of, nearly running to the bathroom.
 He chuckled lowly. "You slept so peacefully, I didn't have the heart to wake you up, and it got pretty late last night before you got to sleep".
 She smiled at the thought of last night, while she ran a comb through her hair, none of them had wanted to sleep, they wanted to savour their last night together, and the spendt most of the night talking, laughing and making love.
 She walked back into the room, ut on some clothes and sat down to eat some breakfast.
 "I can drive you home on my way to London, then I get a change to say goodbye to your parents as well". Tom looked at her, he was smiling, but for ones the smile didn't quite reach the eyes.
 Theynleft the hotel through the back entrance, Tom said he couldn't deal with people right now and he didn't want anyone to follow them and find out where she lived.
 They didn't talk much on the car ride, they both knew it was nearly time to say goodbye, something none of them wanted.
 When they reached her parents house, Tom went inside with her to say goodbye to her parents. Her mother hugged him tightly, telling him to come back soon, her father padded him friendly on the back.
 Anna walked him back to his car, he pulled her close, kissing her softly, and he keept her close to him, holding her, his face buried in her hair.
 She felt she couldn't talk, it hurt so much just thinking of him being gone, that she felt she would break apart if she tried to speak.
 Suddenly she felt something wet on her cheek, and she realised that he was silently crying into her hair. She gently pushed him far enough away that she could dry the tears from his eyes.
 He grabbed her hands and kissed the palms, his voice shaking. "Can't I just stay here with you ?" 
 "I think Luke would come for you pretty fast. But you see me soon love, the premiere isn't so far away and we can talk every day". She smiled, it wasn't easy, but she did it for him.
 He kissed her one last time and got into the car. "I will miss you more than you will ever know, I love you".
 "I love you to". She closed the door behind him and wawed smiling while he drove away. The she walked to her room and threw herself crying on the bed.


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