On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


7. Good morning

 Anna stretched lazily, the sun was shining through her  window and ahe had slept wonderfully. She slowly got up and trew her clothes in the hamper, pulling on fresh underwear, jeans and a old T-shirt.
 She took the stair two steps at a time, whistleling while she went down to the kitchen. "Morning mom".
 "Morning sweetheart, you had quite a sleep in this morning. Do you want some breakfast ?" He mother looked at her smiling.
 "I just grab a piece of toast and a cup of tea, no problem". She went dor the fridge and pulled out some butter and jam.
 Her mother filled the kettle. "The I'll have a cup with you, and you can tell me all about your date last night".
 "Mummy, it wasn't a date, just two old friends catching up". She buttered her toast and put the jam on, sitting down at the table.
 Her mother put the boiling water in 2 cups and put in the tea bags, then she sat down on her chair. "That Tom, he is a really nice boy and you make such a beautiful couple".
 Anna chuckled, her mom calling Tom a boy was kind of funny. "Yes he is nice and a gentleman, and he is also a big star and shortly he is moving on and forgetting everything about me".
 "I don't think so hon". Her mother said firmly. Then she wnet on to asking Anna about the restaurant and food and what they had been talking about.
 Anna told her mother everything, except that Tom had had a crush on her, she kind of wanted to keep that to herself, and it would just make her mother swoon about what a lovely couple the could be.
 Suddenly Annas phone vibrated, she looked, it was a message from Tom, she hadn't expected to hear from him so soon. >Hi Anna. Thanks so much for last night, I hope you slept well. I am free until this afternoon and wondered if you would like to meet for at cup of tea in town i about an hour ?<
 She smiled to herself, her mother tried to read the message upside down put gave up. "Who is it hon ?"
 Anna smiled and wrote back that she would love to and she would recommend the cafe in the book store. "It is just Tom, he was wondering if I would meet him for tea".
 He mother light up in a big smile as she stood up and put her cup in the sink. "I told you sweetie, you two makes such a cute couple".
 Anna shook her head, but hurried upstairs to get ready, reading the answer from Tom. >se you in an hour in the bookstore my beautiful<

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