On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


31. Fuck off Luke

 When the stopped in front of the hotel, there was a small group of people outside, some of them where reporters and then there was a small group of teenage girls.
 Tom looked at her. "I am pretty sure that they are going to be friendly, but are you ready for this ?"
 "Yes Tom, it is going to be okay, I have thick skin". She didn't feel confident as she let on, but she didn't want him to fret.
 He parked the car and got out, the reporters started asking him questions right away, but he justbwalked over, opening her door.
 Tom put his arm around her and slowly walked over to the small crowd. He squeezed her shoulder reassuring and said in a friendly voice. "Thank you for your time, but we would appreciate some privacy now, as it has been a long day".
 "Is that your girlfriend Tom ?" One of the reporters couldn't help but ask hvad they were all thinking.
 Tom sighed, but his smile was friendly. "Yes this is my girlfriend Anna, and now you must really excuse us".
 He was pulling Anna along with him, but when they reached 4 young women who was closest to the hotel, she stopped him and said. "I think you should spend a couple of minutes with your fans, they looked like they have waited long".
 "Are you sure ?" He looked at her questioning and she nodded smiling, she didn't want his great relationship with his fans to suffer on her accord.
 Tom walked up to the girls, smiling and greeted them. Anna kept in the background, enjoying seeing him happily talk and being silly with his fans.
 One of the girls nervously approached her and asked. "Is it really true that Tom saved you from your ex boyfriend ?"
 "I guess you could say that, yes he did save me". Anna said, smiling friendly at the girl.
 The girl squealed looking adoringly at Tom. "I just knew it, he is a real life hero".
 "Come on darling, lets go inside". Tom put his arm around her and waved goodbye to the girls.
 When they walked into the hotel Anna heard one of the girls say. "She is so lucky to be dating him". And one of the others answer. "Yeah, but she really is beautiful". 
 Anna blushed and smiled happily, she knew that not all of his fans would think like that, but she was happy that not all off them hated her.
 When the walked into the hotel room, Tom sat on the couch, kicking of his shoes, sighing deeply. "This is not a day I wish to repeat".
 Anna bit her lip, her eyes scanning the floor, she felt bad seeing him so worn out and tired. "I am sorry you had to go through all that".
 "Darling, you have nothing to apologise for, and what did I say about biting your lip ?" Her grabbed her, pulling her onto his lap.
 She kissed him greedily, it was their last evening together, and she wanted to get the most out of it.
 His hands was travelling up under her shirt, and she close her eye, enjoying the felling of his warm hands on her skin, right at that moment his phone started to ring.
 "It's my big sister, I better take it". Tom picked up his phone, looking a bid annoyed and Anna walked to stand by the window, sending an text to Tracy, telling her about Tom leaving.
 5 minutes later Tom putnhis arms around her from behind, turning her around. "Sorry for the interruption dear, but my sister wanted to hear if I am okay".
 "For Gods sake Tom, haven't you called your family ? They are bound to have heard about this. What about your parents ? Haven't you talked to them either ?" She asked.
 He fiddled with his hands, looking everywhere but her eyes. "I have been so busy all day, and now they just have to wait, just an hour or so".
 He grabbed her hips, pulling her to him, kissing her passionately, she sighed content and let her hands glide down to squeeze his behind. "Uhh I am going to miss that ass".
 "Aha so that is the only part of me you will miss". He held her at an arms length, trying to look hurt, but he couldn't keep his smile away.
 She let a finger trace over his chest and stomach, lightly running over the bulge in his jeans. "No, I can truly say that I will miss other parts as well".
 He groaned, sweeping her up into his arms, carrying her to the couch, sitting himself down, whit her straddling his lap.
 He pulled her shirt off, kissing her shoulder, his mouth playfully tracing up her neck, she dropped her head to the side, giving him better access.
 His phone started ringing again and he grunted annoyed. "Oh no, that just have to wait".
 Anna sneaked a peak at his phone, then she grabbed his chin, looking into,his eyes. "Tom you gotta take it, it's your mother".
 "Oh God dahm". He picked up the phone, his voice a little harsh when answering. "Yes mother".
 Anna slipped down beside him on the couch and couldn't help but giggle, when his mother clearly scolded him for his tone. He made a naughty face while saying. "Sorry mom, it has been a stressful day".
 He leaned back on the couch, placing his legs on Annas lap. She was listening to his voice, explaining what had happened and excusesing for not having called her earlier and for not telling about Anna.
 Anna putnhernhand on his leg, he was so tense, and ahe started massaging his feet, ankle and lower legs. She really enjoyed the feeling of his strong muscles getting soft under har touch.
 "I got to go mom, I call you when I leave for London". He threw the phone away, pulling his legs under him, almost tackling her on the couch.
 Anna giggled and he looked at her questioning. "I really hope it was the massage and not talking to your mother, leading to that reaktion".
 He looked at her with big shocked eyes, but the he started to laugh to. "Oh Anna, you drive me crazy in every possible way and I love it, I love you".
 He kissed her again, and she kissed him greedily back, letting her hands intertwine with his hair.
 He moaned against her mouth and she lightly pulled his hair, massaging his scalp.
 Tom let his hands slide under her, standing up with her, she folded her legs around his hips, nibbling on his neck, her hands stil playing with his hair.
 Her mouth found his, sucking damandingly on his bottom lip, pulling at his hair. An growling noise escaped him as he pinned her against the wall.
 Anna was just wondering if they would even make it to the bed, when the door opened and Luke walked in. "Tom, I think ..."
 Toms head snapped up, his eyes almost black, his voice low and raw. "Fuck off Luke, get out now".
 "Wow I'm sorry man". Luke actually looked scared, backing out really fast, cloosing the door.
 Anna sighed, resting one of her hands on Toms cheek, he almost scared her as well, but luckily he was himself again. "Tom you should go and see what he wanted".
 He put her down, rubbing his hands over his face in frustration. "Off course you are right darling, I just wanted our last night alone, but that seem to be impossible".
 He pulled on his T-shirt, kissed her lovingly and hurried out the door. Anna threw herself on the bed, turning on the TV. On the news was Tom and her outside the hotel.

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