On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


9. Drowning kitten - Nice ass

Two days later, Anna was sitting in her room looking out the window at the pouring rain, it was falling so hard she could even make out the the garden gate.
 She were quite happy she had been out riding early in the morning, and she had put all the horses in the stable when the rain started, it wasn't a weather to be outside in.
 Suddenly she saw someone making their way up the garden path and the door bell rang. She hurried down the stairs to get the door, her parents were out visiting her aunt.
 She opened the door, on the front steps was Tom, literally dripping wet. "Oh my, Tom what are you doing out in this weather ?"
 "I thought I would walk back to town, but the rain came faster than expected, I am sorry I didn't call in advance, but my phone is dead". He looked very apologetic.
 "For Gods sake Tom, dont apologise, get in here, you are shaking". She moved to the side, to allow him to get by her.
 Anna couldn't keep her eye of him, he only had a white T-shirt and jeans on, both plastered to his lean body by the rain. "I get you some dry clothes, we don't want you to get sick".
 "If it is not to much of a bother, but it would be nice to be dry". He smiled brushing hos wet hair back.
 "No trouble at all, I'm sure my dad got somthing you can fit in. Com on upstairs". She smiled and walked up the stairs, she could hear him behind her.
 It wasn't just to keep him healthy she was getting him into some dry clothes; every time he moved she could se his muscles tighten through the wet T-shirt, and she felt that she couldn't be held accountable for her actions much longer.
 "You can go i to my room, it's the one with the open door, the I go fetch some clothes". She pointed down the hallway.
 Tom smiled, turned and walked to her room, his drenched jeans was as painted on him. Anna bit her lip, to stop from making very undignified sounds at the sight and fighting an urge to slap his ass.
 Stop yourself Anna, she thought, hurrying into her parents bedroom picking up a T-shirt and a pait of sweetpants. Yes he looks about good enough to eat, but don't go fooling yourself, you just end up getting hurt.
 She took a couple of deep breaths before she went into her room, she didn't want him to see how he affected her. He turned around when she walked in, T-shirt in one hand, his chest bare small drops of rain running down his muscles.
 "For fucks sake Tom, are you doing this intentionally". It flew out her mouth before she could stop herself and she put her hand over her mouth in horror.
 He looked confused, then he looked at himself, then back at her, his face turning slightly red. He sounded flustered. "Oh sorry, don't take it the wrong way, it was just really cold and uncomfortable".
 "It's omay Tom, just me being silly. I found you some clothes that might fit you. The bathroom is through that door, and there is a towel under the sink, if you want a hot shower". She pointed at the door.
 "Thank you Anna". He smiled shyly and took the clothes, disappearing into the bathroom.
 She threw herselv at the bed, her hands behind her head, breathing deeply, it was just so not fair, wasn't he aware of what he was doing to her ? No probably not.
 She heard the water turning on and she caught herself imagining him in the shower, she rubbed her face in fustration, she wanted to scream into her pillow, but she wasn't shure he would hear her.
 It was when it dawned on Anna, this wasn't working, she was falling for him, falling hard, and it could only end up with her getting hurt, no she had to tell him they couldn't se each other anymore.

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