On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


5. charming the parents

 He looked up and smiled when she came down the stairs, and she couldn't help but thinking how extraordinary good he looked in jeans, a white T-shirt and a blue blazer.
 "Good evening Anna". He said, and she could help but smiling back at him, noticing her mother was holding a flower bouquet, and she new he would already have her mother wrapped around his little finger.
 "Hi Tom, did you catch some sleep ?" She bent down to put on her boots and grabbed her jacket from the rack.
 He caught her eyes with his hypnotic gaze. "I did, thank you. And it was most refreshing. Shall we be going ?"
 "Yep lets get going, I'm starving". She grabbed her clutch and smiled at her parents. "Se you later guys".
 "You kids have a nice evening and take good care of her Tom". Her father said, winking at Tom.
 Tom smiled and shook her fathers hand, then he hugged her mother. "I shal treat her like a princess and have her home save and sound before midnight".
 Tom held the door and she hurried outside followed by the sound of her father laughing. She looked at Tom. "Where are we going ?"
 "That my lady is a surprice". He answered opening the car door, she hopped inside, sending him an pouting glare. This kind of felt like a real date.
He got in the drivers side and turned on the car, she sent him a sideways glance, she definitely got why she had been so smitten with him back then, he was ridiculously handsome. "You definitely charmed both my parents back there".
 I'm good with parents". He said, raising one eyebrow, then winking at her, she shook her head disapproving, but then gave up keeping a straight face and started to giggle.
 He looked at her and asked. "And what are you up to ? If it is not to bolt to ask".
 I'm writing on a novel, my parents let my move back home, so I can concentrate on getting it finished without worrying about time and money". She was fidgeting with her fingers.
 "That is amazing, I would love to read it sometime, and so good that your parents support you like that, that is just so important". He sounded genuinely interested.
 She smiled shyly. "Without them I don't think I would ever finish it, but it is, you know a bit embarrassing to live at home when you are 27 years old".
 "You know, I still stay at my mum's house when I'm not shooting, it is just so much easier than having some house to take care of, and it comes with laundry service". He said grinning.
 She gazed out the window, trying to guess where they were going, they was getting close to the closest town now. "I thought you would have a mansion i Beverly hills by now".
 He chuckled. "Nope, thats just not me, I love coming back to London when I have some time off".
 "Here we are, I hope italian is alright with you". He pulled in next to a small italian restaurant, finding a parking spot and turning of the car.
 She smiled. "Definitely, I love Italian, I have wanted to go here for a long time, but never got around to it".
 He looked both happy and relieved, when he hurried around the car opening her dor and offering her his arm. "Come on my pretty Lady, lets go get some delicious food".
 "Why thank you sir". She giggled and put her arm through his, walking togheter to the door.


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