On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


53. Beautiful nature

 Anna let herself into the hotel room, the curtains were drawn and the bed was empty, but she could hear bustling in the bathroom, and shortly after Tom emerged washed and dressed.
 "Morning sweetie, it looks like a couple of extra hours did you good". She put her arms around his neck kissing him.
 He smiled and stroked her hair. "Yes you were absolutely rigth darling, what have you been up to ?" 
 Anna went to put her laptop away, avoiding eye contact. "I went to get some brunch and skyped with Tracy, she says hallo, she and Chris is having a great time".
 "That is good to hear, I hope you didn't get bored". He put his arms around her from behind, and she leaned into him.
 "No not at all, it was fine". She felt really bad about lying to him, but she just suddenly feared he would misunderstand and get hurt if she told him that she had been with Zachary.
 After she had said it she suddenly realised that Tom might talk to Zachary, and what if he said something ? But she could just tell the truth now, that would seem odd, she had tomget a hold of Zachary and tell him not to tell.
 "Lets go for a ride, and see some of the Icelandic nature". He smiled happily, pulling her with him out of the room.
 Tom rented a jeep and they drove outside town, just going were they felt like, watching the magnificent nature. They had a really lovely afternoon, an Anna forgot all about her worries.
 "I have to be on set tomorrow, but I thought that you might like to join me ?" Tom asked her when they were back at the hotel.
 Anna looked insecure. "Are you sure it is okay ? I wont be in the way ? And it is fine with everyone ?"
 "Of course Anna, but you might want to bring your laptop, there are goingnto be some waiting around". He said.
 "Okay then, I kind of would love to meet Loki". She said grinning and winking at him.
 He put his arms around her, pulling her close to him. "Imthinkmhe would lov to meet you to, I don't need to fear the competition do I ?"
 She sent him a look that could kill and he chuckled. "Ha ha very funny Tom, but maybe you do, you know Loki is kind of sexy and a bit dangerous and he is very powerful, seems like a good catch to me".
 "Then I just have to fight for you". He said grinning, kissing her greedily, and pulling her with him to the bed.
 Afterwards when they were laying on the bed entwined with one another, he lovingly kissed around her belly button, looking up at her. "Anna will you please reconsider moving in with me in London ?"
 "Tom I love you and I miss you like crazy when we are apart, but it is a giant step for me, but I think about it okay ?" She caressed his cheek.
 "It is all I ask my love. What do you say we put on some clothes and I take you out to a nice romantic dinner ?" He sat up.
 She smiled at him, happy that he had accepted her answer, she felt so much pressure when he started talking about it. "That sounds lovely Tom".
 They got dressed, and went out in the crisp evening arm in arm, Anna was deeply in her own thoughts, maybe she could get a hold of Zachary on set before he told Tom anything.

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