On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


40. And Tracys date is ?

 When Anna woke up it was alteady late morning, she hadn't realised that Tom carried her from the cab the night before, tucking her into bed. How he had gotten of her dress without waking her was a mystery.
 She sat up, happy she had sleept long enough not to be hung over. Tom wasn't there, but he left a note on his pillow.
 > Morning darling. Hope you have sleept well. Unfortunately I have to go, but I will be home to pick you up for the premiere. A stylist will arrive later to help you get ready. Yours forever Tom <
 For a moment she thought about calling him to scold him, she didn't need an expensive stylist, but she didn't, he would be busy and probably didn't have time to answer anyway.
 She went downstairs, finding Tracy in the kitchen with a cup of coffee, she looked up grinning. "Morning sleepy-head".
 "Morning, have you been up for long ?" She got some bread and jam, and started making a sandwich.
 "No, just about half an hour". Tracy said, stealing Annas sandwich as she was looking away, Anna shook her head and made herself another one.
 Anna sat down at the table. "You know what Tom did this time ? He hired an stylist to come and help us get ready".
 "I know you hate him spending money on you, but I am grateful for the help, I would like to look like I belong, just a little bit". Tracy said putting the last bate of sandwich in her mouth.
 Anna sighed in resignation. "I hate to admit it, but you are right, it might be nice to have the help, I do not want to embarrass Tom".
 "Oh shut up Anna, that man would never be embarrassed to be with you". Tracy wached of her cup.
 They spendt some time cleaning up a bit, making sure they knew where all of there stuff was, and then they went to get lunch in a nearby cafe.
 When they were back home they both went to shower, and Anna had just putnon her soft rope when the doorbell rang.
 She hurried down the stairs and opened the door, outside was a pretty and smiling young woman, with a big case in one hand, she had to be the stylist. "Hey, I am Serena, your stylist for today".
 Anna shook her hand and let her in. "Hey I am Anna and that's Tracy coming down the stairs".
 They showed their dresses to Serana and talked about what they liked, so that she could make the hair and Make-up fit both the dresses and their personalities.
 "Thank you so much Serena, it is amazing". Anna was looking in the mirror, her hair was up in an beautiful and intricate hairdo and the make-up
 Was light and perfect, she could never have done something like that herself.
 Serena smiled sincerely. "It is easy when you get so much to work with sweetie, Tom is gonna lose his shit when he sees you".
 It turned out Serena had done make-up on both Thor and The avengers, and that's why Tom knew her.
 "You date ain't going to know what hit him, you look amazing". Anna said to Tracy.
 "I practically can't recognise myself". Tracy said grinning. Her hair was up in a greeks style hairdo that matched her dress and her make-up done in golden colours.
 Serena had just left when Tom returned, he kissed Anna gently and said. "You look absolutely stunning darling".
 "Thanks, but please don't ruin my lipstick". She told him giggling. She went upstairs to put on her dress, he went to take a quick shower.
 When he came out the bathroom, Anna turned around tomface him, and he stopped in his tracks, just starring at her, his mouth slightly ajar.
 "Please say something Tom, you look like you are catching flies". She said grinning at him.
 He blinked a couple of times. "Wow georgious, you look absolutely ravishing, you are going to be the center of attention in that dress".
 "Thank you love, even though I doubt that". She smiled at him lovingly and sat down to putnon her heals, watching him getting dressed in his tuxedo.
 She smiled to herself, watching him domhis butterfly, man could really wear a tux, most men just look silly or like a waiter, Tom looked absolutely dashing.
  She walked over to him and straightened his butterfly. "Now you only need one thing to look absolutely perfect".
 "And what would that be darling ?" He said looking at her excidedly like a kid expecting a present.
 She opened her underwear drawer and took out the little box, suddenly nervous of what he would think of her gift. "I saw these the other day, and they made me think of you".
 He opened the box and his face lighted up with a smile that could make flowers grow in the desert, his voice emotional. "Thank you so much Anna, they are amazing".
 He took out the cufflinks from the box, and Anna helped him put them on, they were gold and emerald and shaped like the iconic horned helmet of Loki. 
 "Now you can't complain that I got you a present". He opened his bedside table, taking out a fairly big jewelry box.
 Anna accepted the box. "You didn't have to Tom, you have already given me so much".
 She opened the box and gasped, it was an intire jewelry set, a necklace, earrings and a bracelet. The necklace and bracelet was red, white and golden gold shaped like little leafs adorned with smal diamonds. The earrings where diamond studs with little golden chains with leafs at the end.
 "Oh my, it is so beautiful Tom, thank you so much". She kissed him affectionated and he took the necklace putting itbgentlynaround her slim neck.
 They went downstairs wherebTracy were already waiting. Tom smiled at her. "Your date is going to be a happy man, you look wonderful Tracy".
 "Thank you Tom, you are looking quite fine yourself. And now please tell me who my date is". She looked at him excitedly.
 At that moment a car stopped outside and Tom peaked out the window. "You could take a look out the window, he has just arriwed".
 Tracy nearly jumped to the window, then she turned around, now very pale and stuttering. "Are you freaking kidding me Tom ? My date is Chris Evans ?"


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